2nd Call for Papers of the conference “Beyond Free Will: Variety in Understanding of Choice, Luck, and Necessity.”

Vilnius University, Lithuania
20-23rd Jun 2022
Deadline: 1st Oct 2021

Contemporary Western discourse on freedom and choice – some of the most championed modern values – is usually anchored in the concept cluster of free will and autonomous choice. In turn, academic research on free will in philosophy (including experimental philosophy) and psychology is largely based on a limited conceptual framework with roots in particular debates in  Christianity and European philosophy. This framework is currently challenged by multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches applied in the fields of area and Asian studies, comparative philosophy, and also empirical research in cross-cultural psychology, and anthropology.

In the present multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary conference, we invite scholars from philosophy, psychology, anthropology, Asian studies, religious studies and other related fields to discuss theoretical alternatives to the dominant framework that are sensitive to cultural differences and local contexts as well as empirical research – especially cross-cultural and cross-linguistic – on conceptualisations of free and constrained action and cultural practices in dealing with these constraints.

Suggested keywords: free will, determinism, fate, fortune, luck, choice, chance, karma, predestination and divine foreknowledge, supernatural agency, divination, astrology and prediction,
luck rituals, teleology.

We invite presentations that deal with these topics on any of the three levels:
A. Descriptions of practices and belief systems related to the given keywords, both historical and ethnographic.
B. Psychological and other empirical approaches to free and constrained action.
C. Broader theoretical reflections on cultural conceptualisations of freedom and constraints in philosophy, religious studies, and other disciplines.

For more information on organisers, the venue, and the questions offered to discuss, please visit our website: https://www.notsofree.fsf.vu.lt,
e-mail for inquiries: notsofree@fsf.vu.lt

Download this announcement as PDF: NotSoFree Conference_2022_CFP_September