Call for Applications: Research Opportunities at the Needham Research Institute

The Needham Research Institute currently welcomes applications for the following research opportunities:
The Jing Brand Scholarships in Chinese Science and Civilisation, The Ho Peng Yoke Fellowship in the History of Science and Technology in China (2022-2023), The Li Foundation of New York Fellowships for East Asian Applicants (2022-2023), The Li Foundation of New York Fellowships for US-based Scholars (2022-2023), The Soon-Young Kim Award in the History of East Asian Science and Technology. Please visit the website for details on how to apply ( and circulate amongst colleagues. The Needham Research Institute, which houses the East Asian History of Science Library, is situated in west Cambridge five minutes’ walk from the Cambridge University Library, in the grounds of Robinson College. It is the home of the Science and Civilisation in China project, and welcomes researchers from all over the world with an interest in the history of science, technology and medicine in East Asia.