Older EACS-Publications

31st Aug 2014

The “Braga Incident” – Timeline with Links to Articles and Comments


30th Jul 2014

Letter of Protest at Interference in EACS Conference in Portugal, July 2014


30th Jul 2014

Report: The Deletion of Pages from EACS Conference materials in Braga (July 2014)




“Is Sinology a Science?” by Hans Kuijper Full Text or the Summary (PDF)


EACS Surveys


Chinese Studies in the U.K. (no. 7, 1998)

By Julian Ward and Bonnie S. McDougall


Chinese Studies in Switzerland (part of survey No. 6)

By Raoul Findeisen


Chinese Studies in The Netherlands (1996, 1997; part of survey no. 6)

By W.L. Idema


Open Letter

Open Letter to the President of the PRC