East and West Contact and Dialogue: International Conference of Contemporary China Studies (2018) 东西方接触与对话:当代中国学研究国际研讨会

León, Spain
2–3rd May 2018
Deadline: 15th Mar 2018

The Confucius Institute at the University of Leon has the pleasure of inviting you to participate in the international conference “East and West Contact: Current Issues in Contemporary China Studies” on 2nd-3rd May 2018. The aims of the conference are to present the latest research and current issues in Spain and international studies on China, to provide a platform for an academic discussion of the various topics in China studies, to unite several generations and fields of sinologists in the Europe, and to give the scholars in the fields of China studies on opportunity to present their contributions. The conference invites proposals in the fields of China studies for individual, joint papers or for panels. We look forward to putting together a wide-ranging, multi-disciplinary montage of the best research in China studies being done in Spain and overseas.

Organizers: Confucius Institute of Leon, University of Leon, Spain.
Conference date: 2nd -3rd May 2018.
Conference venue: Confucius Institute, University of Leon, Spain
Conference working languages: Spanish, Chinese and English.
Conference website: http://contemporarychinastudies2018.weebly.com/
Deadline for submitting application form and abstract (300 words) or panel proposal (600 words): 15 March 2018. Please submit your application form and abstract/panel proposal (in
English/Chinese/Spanish) by sending your email to: ICCCS2018@unileon.es
Publication possibilities: The papers will be published in the Conference proceedings and the selected papers can be peer reviewed for publication in the journal of Sinologia Hispanica (accepted by index, databas and catalogue of DIALNET, Latindex, MIAR).



The eight keynote speakers for “East and West Contact and Dialogue: International Conference of Contemporary China Studies (2018) will provide fascinating perspectives on language, intercultural communication, sociology and the history:

To be confirmed.
The conference will cover the following topics:
1. Linguistics, Literature and Translation
1.1. Comparative literature in the light of China’s diversity.
1.2. Contrastive study of Chinese language and European Languages.
1.3. Foreign language translation of Chinese classical works.


1.4. Overseas dissemination and impact of classical Chinese works in various Dynasties.

2. Education and Teaching Chinese as a foreign language
2.1. The evolution of Chinese language teaching policies, objectives and methods in different countries.
2.2. Comparison of education policy in China and Europe, including primary, secondary, and higher education.
2.3. Studies of teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages; teaching Chinese as a foreign language and new concepts in the methodology of teaching Chinese as foreign language;
2.4. International promotion of Chinese language; Local Chinese teaching training study; local textbooks development.
2.5. Comparative study of Confucius Institute and other language and culture promotion inistitutions; Strength analysis, database buildup and operation model study of outstanding Confucius Institute; Case study of Confucius Institutes’ Sustainable development strategy in different countries.

3. Culture and International Relations
3.1. Transformation and traditional Chinese culture; European culture and tradition of sinology; Comparative studies in culture.
3.2. The role of China in the contemporary system of international relations and global processes; China’s concept for a new type of foreign policy, and current development of international initiatives and projects launched by China.
3.3. China image in the perspective of globalization.
3.4. Discourse study of important Chinese social problems and phenomena; discourse study of China towards world problems.

4. History
4.1. New studies in the field of ancient history, and economic and ethno-cultural developmental processes of China.
4.2. History of early exchanges between China and Europe.
4.3. The interaction of China’s science and technology, concepts and thoughts with the west in the history.

5. Sociology, Anthropology and Political Science
5.1. New mobilities, typologies, aim trajectories, and directions of Chinese migration between China and Europe. Migration and political institutions,
family and generational continuum, identities, mobilities and transnationalism and education.
5.2. Social change and multiculturalism in globalization context.
5.3. Gender equality and other gender topics; Disadvantage groups; Laboral relations and work.
5.4. “One Belt and Road” in local and global context.
6. Philosophy
6.1. Studies and new concepts in ancient and contemporary Chinese philosophy, ethics and values, and models of transcendence in Chinese culture.
6.2. Classical Chinese philosophy as social system.
6.3. Confucian studies in different countries: Confucian ideas in the pre-Confucian era; the etiquette thoughts of Confucius and Europe; studies of humanism and universal value in Confucianism.
6.4. Comparative study of Chinese philosophy and philosophy in Europe.


Conference Fees:

No conference fee for directors of Confucius Institute;
The conference fee for Confucius Institute teachers, volunteers and students is 40€;
The conference fee for the participant who is not Confucius Institute member is 80€.
Admission to all conference sessions; Certificate of Attendance provided;
Free of charge: Conference materials (conference bag, badge, program, etc.); Coffee breaks; local trips and from museums and tourist sites free of charge; welcoming dinner is arranged in the evening of 2nd May.

Please contact with the conference staff if the help of visa issue is needed.

Contact persons: For any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact:
Dir./Prof. Óscar Fernández Álvarez: oscar.fernandez@unileon.es
Dir./ Prof. Dr. Chen Chen: cche@unileon.es
Prof. /Dr. Li Qiuyang: lqiu@unileon.es


Yours Sincerely,
Confucius Institute, University of Leon, Spain.


Download this announcement together with the conference registration form here: The 7th Draft of Conference on China Studies(English) , The 7th Draft of Conference on China Studies (Chinese) (1) , Versión español Diálogo y Contacto entre Oriente y Occidente v 2