Members’ Publications: Christian Henriot

Scythe and the city, by Christian Henriot (Stanford U.P., 2016) has been published in its Chinese edition 镰刀与城市 by the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Press.

镰刀与城市. 以上海为例的死亡社会史研究 (Liandao yu chengshi. Yi Shanghai weili de siwang shehuishi yanjiu)
Shanghai, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Presses (Shanghai shehui kexueyuan chubanshe), 2021.

The issue of death has loomed large in Chinese cities in the modern era. Throughout the Republican period, Shanghai swallowed up lives by the thousands. Exposed bodies strewn around in public spaces were a threat to social order as well as to public health. In a place where every group had its own beliefs and set of death and funeral practices, how did they adapt to a modern, urbanized environment? How did the interactions of social organizations and state authorities manage these new ways of thinking and acting? Recent historiography has almost completely ignored the ways in which death created such immense social change in China. Scythe and the City offers new insights into this crucial aspect of modern society in a global commercial hub and guides readers through this tumultuous era that radically redefined the Chinese relationship with death.