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 EACS NewsletterJuly 1996 #10    Copy deadline for the next issue is the 15 September 1996CHANGE OF EDITOR AND   ADDRESS FOR THIS NEWSLETTER. After starting up this newsletter and editing it   for two and a half years I am handing over the task to Marja Kaikkonen at the   Institute of Oriental Languages at Stockholm University. I hope that in its   modest way the Newsletter has helped European sinologists to keep in touch with   each other and with other China-related activities in Europe. And I hope that   everyone will continue to support and encourage the new editor/compiler. I want   to thank everyone who has made the compilation of this newsletter possible.   Without the cooperation of the Association's members it would not have been   possible to gather together so much information. Other administrative addresses   remain the same, so continue to send your membership cheques and change of address   to Brunhild Staiger in Hamburg.  With thanks, Laura Rivkin    The new editorial address is:     Marja Kaikkonen  Institute of Oriental Languages, University of Stockholm  S10691 Stockholm, Sweden    tel +46-8-16-14-12, fax +46-8-16-14-12  email      Marja works on an Apple so send information by fax, email or MAC compatible   diskettes.    Change of address information and ALL subscription payments should be sent to   Brunhild Staiger in Hamburg. New members in addition should send application   forms to Rudolf Wagner in Heidelberg. Other business of the EACS should be sent   either to Professor Wagner in Heidelberg or Professor Bastid-Bruguière in Paris.   Contributions for the Newsletter should be sent to Marja Kaikkonen in Stockholm.   ALL RELEVANT ADDRESSES ARE ON THE BACK PAGE OF THIS NEWSLETTER AND/OR ON THE   MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM which you should find enclosed with this Newsletter.      ******************************************          Latest EACS bibliographic survey:     Russian Sinology  EACS Survey #4, 1996  Sponsored by the European Association of Chinese Studies  and conducted by the Russian Academy, Association of Sinology    This 176 page survey presents entries for 43 institutions, providing addresses   and information on staff, structure, curricula, research activities, publications   and library holdings. It also lists some 400 China specialists along with their   academic degrees, current affiliation, printed books and recent major publications.   Besides Russia, information includes Chinese studies in   Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.    One free copy has been sent to all EACS subscribing members. Extra copies may be   ordered from: Marianne Bruguière, 92 boulevard de Port Royal, 75005 Paris, France.   The order must be accompanied by an international money order in her name, of ff70   for postage by surface mail, or ff90 for air mail postage.       CHIANG CHING-KUO GRANTS 1995-1996: European Recipients(A) INSTITUTIONAL ENHANCEMENT    London University, School of Oriental & African Studies (UK); Cataloguing and   conservation of the Robert Morrison Collection of Chinese Books. One-year project.   Amount $71,600.  Heidelberg University (Germany); Thirteen classics database   acquisition. One-year project. Amount $60,000.    Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest (Hungary); Acquisition of Chinese books to the Museum's   library for the support of the study and the publication of the Chinese collection in the   Ferenc HOPP Museum of Eastern Asiatic Arts. One-year project. Amount $3,636.    (B) RESEARCH GRANTS  Centre National de la Reserche Scientifique (France); Etude et publication des romans   coreens écrits en chinois. Three-year project. Amount $102,000.  Ecole pratique des Hautes Etudes (France); Database of Chinese rubbings in European   collections. Three-year project. Amount $104,800.  Philipps-Universität, Marburg (Germany); The role of literature in the search for   cultural identity at a time of challenge and transition as reflected in Hsiao-shuo   yueh-pao [Fiction monthly], 1910-1915. Two-year project. Amount $83,798.  National Gallery, Department of Asian Arts (Czech Republic); Cataloguing of the Chinese   painting collection in the National Gallery, Prague. Three-year project. Amount $16,000.  Needham Research Institute, Cambridge (UK); The first narcotic: confronting opium in late   imperial China (pilot project). One-year project. Amount $9,150.    (C) CONFERENCES and SEMINARS  Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Spain); China and the outer world. One-year project.   Amount $10,000.  Seminar für Orientalische Sprachen, Universität Bonn (Germany); Zhu Guang-jian,   Zong Bai-hua and Chinese aesthetics moving towards the 21st century. One year   project. Amount $25,000.  Cambridge University, Faculty of Oriental Studies, (UK) with the Institute of   History and Philology, Academia Sinica (Taiwan); Military thought and practice   in China. One-year project. Amount $13,580.  Ecole Française d'Extrême Orient (France); Local ritual, music and theatre in   their social context. One-year project. Amount $25,000.  (D) SUBSIDIES FOR PUBLICATION  Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Oriental Studies. Ancient China,   volume 2, Ch'un ch'iu China. One-year project. Amount $8,000.  Ruhr-Universität Bochum (Germany); Qian Mu: reflections on history and culture.   One-year project. $7,190.  London University, School of Oriental & African Studies (UK); Publication of a   volume of papers on new discoveries and studies in Chinese archaeology. One-year   project. Amount $8,000.    (E) CCK FELLOWSHIPS  A.  Post-doctoral fellowships  Cai HUA, l'Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (France); The visit system   in three matrilineal societies: a comparative study. Amount $18,000.  Beatrice, DAVID, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (France); Diversity    and unity among the Han ethnic group: culture of lingnan: an anthropological study   of local sub-groups of Han in Guangxi. Amount $36,000.  Franz-Rudolph SCHMIDT; University of Gottingen (Germany); A history of amazement:   amazement and doubt in the works of pre-Sui time (220-589) natural history.   Amount $36,000.  Martin STEVENSON; Stockholm University (Sweden); Divination, ideology and the poetic   text: the development of a literary hermeneutics in ancient China. Amount $36,000.    B.  PhD DISSERTATION FELLOWSHIPS  Elisabeth ALLES; L'Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (France); The   forms of Hui identity today in China. Amount $14,400.  Gu XIN, Leiden University (Netherlands); Towards the new institutional pluralism:   the Chinese intellectual group life in the changing relationship between state and   society (1978-1989). Amount $14,400.  Elisabeth Köll, Oxford University (UK); The capital of trust and reputation:   Zhan Jian (1853-1926) and his business in Nantong. Amount $14,400.  Valeries LAVOIX, Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes (France). A historian and critic   of Chinese ancient poetry: Liu Hsieh (c465-c521), author of Wen-hsin tiao-long.   Amount $14,400.  Tatiana MUIR, Institute of Oriental Studies, St Petersburg (Russia). Beijing   musical drama zajiu on the Chinese theatre popular prints nianhua. Amount $7,200.  Terence Soo-hung TSAI, Cambridge University; Environmentalism in organizational   decision-making; the cases of multinational corporations in China and Taiwan. Amount $14,400.      ON-LINE ACCESS  to 25 Dynastic Histories Database and 13 Classics  with Commentaries Database      The Institute of Chinese Studies, University of Heidelberg has benefitted from a grant   of the CCK Foundation to install the complete 25 Dynastic Histories Database in its   on-line UNIX server. The database has been compiled by the Institute of History and   Philology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan. Under a contract with the Academia Sinica, users   from within Europe can get free online access to the database. At present 25   Institutes and individual users in all parts of Europe are already making use of   this option. They
 operate with MAC or DOS systems, and have the access either   invidually or open in their library premises for scholars to use. Some individual   scholars use the database through commercial Internet access channels.   The Heidelberg Institute encourages Institutes as well as individual researchers   to make use of this extraordinary ressource. The CCK Foundation has now given a grant   to the Heidelberg Institute to also load a second database from the Academia Sinica   into the server for public access in Europe, the 13 Classics with Commentaries Database,   which has been completed only recently. It will become available later this year through   the same channel.    Scholars and Institutions interested in this extraordinary scholarly ressource should   contact Mr. Hahn at the Heidelberg Institute ( via e-mail   to get a password as well as information on the necessary software and installation    routines for accessing this database (these databases). Information about the technical   requirements and the program files necessary to access the database will be found on   the Institute's World Wide Web homepage site (   The Institute will provide guidance and help in the installation process.    Scholars interested in a first-hand experience with this database will have the   opportunity of accessing it directly during the EACS Conference in Barcelona.    Rudolf G.Wagner    *************************************      SEMINARS & CONFERENCES      COPENHAGEN -- 2nd announcement   ORAL TRADITIONS: -- 'Oral literature in modern China' will be held from   the 29-31 AUGUST 1996. Contact: Dr Bibeke Børdahl, NIAS, Leifsgade 33, DK-2300   Copenhagen S, Denmark, fax +45+358+32-96-25-30.      BARCELONA   CHINESE STUDIES: -- The European Association for Chinese Studies (EACS) is holding   their bi-annual conference from the 4-7 SEPTEMBER 1996. See this newsletter for more   information.     BEIJING   BUSINESS: -- 'Chinese business networks in global and comparative perspective' will   be held from the 10-12 SEPTEMBER 1996. A conference organized by the NIAS in cooperation   with CASS. Contact: Dr Børge Bakken or Professor Thommy Svensson, NIAS, Leifsgade 33,   DK-2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark, fax +45+32-96-25-30.      HEIDELBERG   LIBRARIES: -- The European Association of Sinological Librarians (EASL) is holding   their annual meeting from the 11-14 SEPTEMBER 1996 at the Institute of Chinese Studies   at the University of Heidelberg. Contact: David Helliwell, Chinese Section, Bodleian   Library, Oxford, OX1 3BG, tel 44+1865+277-032, fax +44+1865+277-029.      CAMBRIDGE -- 2nd announcement   CHINESE STUDIES: -- The British Association for Chinese Studies (BACS) is holding   their annual conference from the 20-22 SEPTEMBER 1996 at Newnham College, Cambridge   University. This year's theme is 'Forms of authority in Chinese culture'.   Contact: Dr Jenny Putin, 152 Buxton Road, Macclesfield, Cheshire SK10 1NG, England,   tel 44+1625+430-543, email      BONN   LANGUAGE & LINGUISTICS: -- Internationales Symposium, (IX.Tagung zum modernen   Chinesischunterricht). 'Fachsprachen des Chinesischen und ihre Didaktik', 1-4   OKTOBER 1996, Sankt Augustin bei Bonn. Themenbereiche: Chinesische Fachsprachen   in Wirtschaft, Politik, Recht, Technik, Naturwissenschaften, Philosophie, Religion,   Medizin, Sport u.a. Diachronische und synchronisches Forschung. Lexikalische,   grammatische, semantische und pragmatische Aspekte Fragen de Terminologie,   Standarisierung und Normung Didaktische Konzepte und Methoden, Lehr- und Hilfsmaterialien  Konferenzsprachen: Deutsch, Chinesisch und Englisch.    Anmeldungen Inland: Dr Volker Klöpsch, Moderne China-Studien, Universität Köln,   Albertus-Magnus-Platz, D-50931 Köln, tel: (0221) 470-5412/14, fax (0221) 470-5406  Anmeldungen Ausland: Dr Peter Kupfer, Fachverband Chinesisch, Postfach 1421,   D-76714 Germersheim, fax +49+7274+508-429, (Universität Mainz, FB 23)      WEST SUSSEX, ENGLAND  INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS: -- 'China's international role: friction or cooperation?'   A Wilton Park conference to be held from the 9-13 DECEMBER 1996. Contact: Wilton Park   conferences, tel+44+1903+815-020, fax +44+1903+815-931.    ABERDEEN, SCOTLAND -- 2nd announcement  JAMES LEGGE/CLASSICAL LITERATURE: -- 'James Legge: the heritage of China and the   west' will be held from the 8-12 APRIL 1997 at the University of Aberdeen.   Contact: Dr Norman Stockman, Chinese Studies Group, Dept of Sociology, University of   Aberdeen, AB9 2UB, Scotland, tel 44+1224+272-761.      CHICAGO  ASIAN STUDIES: -- the 1997 AAS annual conference will be held in Chicago from the 13-16   MARCH at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel, Cityfront Center.       BUDAPEST   ASIAN STUDIES: -- 35th ICANAS (International Congress of Asian and North African Studies)   will be held in from the 7-12 JULY 1997. It is being organized by the Korösi Csoma Society   and the Eötvös Loránd University. The general theme of the congress is 'Oriental studies   in the 20th century: the state of the art'. The general sections are arranged by   geographic area as follows:     Orient and Asia in antiquity  Near and Middle East and North Africa  the Caucasus     Central Asia and related areas  South Asia     Southeast Asia  East Asia     Recent history and contemporary Asia and North   Africa    For more information contact: Tamás Ivanyi, ELTE - Korösi Csoma Társaság,   H-1088 Budapest, Múzeum krt. 4/B, Hungary, fax (361) 266-5699, email      *************************************************      INSTITUTIONAL & MISCELLANEOUS NEWS      Center of Modern China-Studies at Cologne University, Germany    In recent years, Cologne University has established a Center of Modern Chinese   Studies with chairs for: political, social and economic studies of modern China   (Professor Thomas Scharping), modern Chinese literature and thought   (Professor Lutz Bieg), and Chinese law (Professor Robert Heuser).   The Center is conducting research activities in these areas and is sponsoring an   inter-faculty program of modern China studies. It has begun publishing a number   of studies on recent developments in China, among them books on Chinese population   policies and recent legislation in China.   These have been based on field research in China and cooperation with the Chinese   Academy of Social Sciences and various provincial institutions. Thomas Scharping   conducted a joint survey with the State Statistical Bureau of China on migration to   Shenzhen and Foshan in Guangdong province. He organized an international conference   on "Migration and floating population in China" in Cologne from 2-4 May 1996.   The meeting was supported by the Volkswagen Foundation and brought together scholars   from mainland China, Taiwan, the US, Britain, the Netherlands and Germany.    For further information please contact: Thomas Scharping, Modern China-Studies,   Cologne University, Albertus-Magnus-Platz, D-50923 Köln, Germany,   tel +49+221+4705-4202, fax +49+221+470-5406, email .      ***************************************      Visiting scholarships - modern Asia centre, Budapest    The Modern Asia Centre, located at the Technical University of Budapest,   is in the process of being established through a joint effort of East European   governments, corporations, and academia. Its primary purpose will be to serve Eastern   Europe's need for qualified manpower in Asia-related spheres of government and   business and to provide a forum for strategically relevant cooperative research   programmes, particularly in the fields broadly related to foreign, economic, and   security policy. The Centre is intended to be a source for renewal of Asian studies   in Eastern Europe by drawing them closer into the fold of international academic   cooperation.    The post-graduate programme, offering a master's degree in Asian studies, is planned   to start in January 1997.     The Modern Asia Centre invites applications for three Visiting Scholarships to last   one or two se
mesters, effective from the launch of the post-graduate programme. Renewal  is possible.    Visiting Scholars will be expected to engage in advanced research and teach an average   of two post-graduate courses per semester: one review course and one in their respective   areas of research. They will also be expected to supervise post-graduate students.   All applicants with strong research and teaching credentials will be considered, but  preference will be given to applicants in political science, economics, business, sociology,   and cultural anthropology.    Visiting Scholarships include a monthly honorarium of Ft 60,000 (US$400) and accommodation   including utilities. Expatriate living expenses in Budapest, excluding accommodation, are   estimated at Ft 35-40,000 per month.    Qualified applicants should send an application letter with a curriculum vitae, including   a list of publications and a detailed description of courses taught, and three letters of   reference to Pal Nyiri, 73 rue St-Bernard, 1060 Bruxelles, Belgium,   or by fax to (322) 456-2889, email    *****************************************************    New editor for China Quarterly    Dr David Shambaugh, formerly senior lecturer in Chinese politics at the School of   Oriental & African Studies and editor of China Quarterly has been appointed professor   of political science and international affairs, and director of  the Sigur Center for   East Asian Studies at George Washington University in Washington D.C. He takes up his  new post in August. Dr Richard Edmonds, reader in the Geography Department, and director   of the Contemporary China Institute at SOAS, is taking over as editor of China Quarterly.    **********************************************    The International Institute for Asian Studies, on behalf of the European Science   Foundation, will be publishing the results of its survey of European Asian scholars,   GUIDE TO ASIAN STUDIES IN EUROPE '96 (GASE). Anyone who not yet sent in their details   to the survey must do so as soon as possible. In order to achieve a representative   survey everyone involved in Chinese studies in Europe is urged to submit their biographical   details. Deadlines for additions and amendments to the list must be received by the   15 September. Contact: Marianne Langehenkel or Tina Titahena,   IIAS, PO Box 9515, 2300 RA Leiden, the Netherlands, tel 31+71+527-22-27,   fax 31+71+527-41-62, email, www: http// .    **********************************************       MEMBERS' PUBLICATIONS     Please note that if information is mailed/faxed/e-mailed to me I will list any new or   forthcoming monographs authored by any member of the EACS regardless of publisher.   However, information about monograph titles published by small presses are particularly   welcomed and encouraged.     Could members who have recently (since 1994) submitted their PhD dissertation or who   know of others who have done so, please send in details of it. We are pleased to include   this information as otherwise it can be difficult find bibliographic information on theses.   (A parallel title in English is useful, but not essential.) Many thanks.      ALLIO, Fiozella  Rituel, territoire et pouvoir local: le procession du "pays" de Sai-kang (Tainan, Taiwan).   PhD dissertation. Nanterre - Paris X: Dèpartement d'Ethnologie et de Sociologie   Comparative, 1996.    BERG, Daria  The Xingshi yinyuan zhuan: a study of Utopia and the perception of the   world in seventeenth-century Chinese discourse. DPhil dissertation. Oxford:  Institute for Chinese Studies, University of Oxford, 1994.    FEI, Hsin. Hsing-ch'a sheng-lan, the overall survey of the Star Raft.   Translated by J.V.G.Mills, revised, edited and annotated by Roderich Ptak.   [Series: South China and maritime Asia 4]. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 1996, isbn 3-447-03798-9.    HABERZETTL, Peter and PTAK, Roderich.  Macu: geographie, geschichte, wirtschaft und kultur, ein handbuch.   [Series: South China and maritime Asia 3]. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 1995, isbn 3-447-03673-7.    HANSEN, Mette Halskov  Lessons in patriotism: state education and ethnic identity among Naxi and Tai in   south-west China. PhD dissertation. Aarhus: Department of East Asian Studies, 1996.    HOPPE, Thomas  Die ethnischen gruppen Xinjiangs: kulturunterschiede und interethnische beziehungen.   Hamburg: Institut für Asienkunde, nr.258. DM 564.     HUANG, Paulos  Lao Zi: the book and the man. PhD dissertation. Helsinki: Studia Orientalia 79.   Edited by the Finnish Oriental Society, 1996.    HUANG, Paulos (ed)  Han yu ji qi fang yan he zhong guo de min zu yu yan [Chinese, its dialects and   languages of nationalities in China]. Guyang: Hua xia song zhu mei shu she, 1996.    LI, Xueqin and ALLAN, Sarah  Ou zhou suo cang zhong guo qing tong qi yi zhu [Chinese bronzes: a selection from   European Collections]. Bei jing: Wen wu chu ban, 1995.    MENEGON, Eugenio  Un solo cielo: Giulio Aleni S.J. (1582-1649): geografia, arte, scienza, religione   dall'Europa alla cina [One heaven: Giulio Aleni S.J., geography, art, science,   religion from Europe to China]. Brescia: Grafo, 1994, ISBN: 88-7385-228-9. To order:   Fondazione Civilta' Bresciana, Vicolo San Giuseppe, 5-25122, Brescia, Italy. Fax 39+30+377-4365.     SENGER, Harro von  O livro dos estratagemas: táticas para o triunfo e a sobraviência na vida pesseal e   nos negócios. Rio de Janeiro: Ediouro S.A., 1996, isbn 85-00-62874-X.    WRIGHT, David  The transmission of western science to China 1840-1900. PhD dissertation. London:   School of Oriental & African Studies, University of London, 1995.      *****************************************************      Two WEB site for EACS Newsletter:     The European Association for Chinese Studies has started up its own homepage.   It contains the EACS Newsletter, important addresses of the EACS, it will have   the EACS Barcelona Conference Programme as well as the abstracts of the papers.   It will also have items on jobs, important acquisitions, of alibraries, and notes   on visits from scholars from outside of Europe. It will be found at:    Also, the International Institute for Asian Studies has very kindly agreed to   load up the EACS Newsletter onto their web site. Issues number 9 and 10 should   now be loaded and available to web users. We are much indebted to Paul van der   Velde and his newsletter staff for their efforts in this task. Anyone wishing to   read the EACS Newsletter online should log into.        *****************************************************        The latest volume of Science & Civilisation in China has just been published:   volume 6, part 3, 'Biology and biological technology' by Christian Daniels.   Cambridge University Press, 1996,  isbn: 0-521-419-99-9.      NEWSLETTER INFORMATION    Anyone who wants more information about any of the items in this EACS Newsletter   should contact the relevant person/organization directly whenever possible in order   to be sure of getting the fullest information.  The mailing address for contributions is below. Contributors should remember that,   when sending information for the newsletter, it takes approximately one month between   submission date to mail-out date.   Please fax your information or e-mail:-    Contributions to the Newsletter are welcomed in any roman-script language although   French and English are preferred. Please remember to check your copy carefully before  sending it. Every effort is made to include all relevant news. However, we must reserve   the right to omit contributions if there is a shortage of space. Many thanks to everyone   in the past who has sent information and please continue to do so. If you have a   constructive complaint or suggestion please send it to me. All comments will be seriously   considered.       E.A.C.S. addresses:          President    Marianne Bastid-Bruguière  92 blvd de Port Royal  75005 Paris  FRANCE    tel 00 33 1 43-26-20-51  fax 00
 33 1 43-54-72-02  email      Secretary-general    Rudolf Wagner  Sinologisches Seminar  Universität Heidelberg  Akademiestrasse 4-8  D-69117 Heidelberg  GERMANY    tel 00 49 6221 54-24-65  fax 00 49 6221 54-24-39  e-mail:      Treasurer    Brunhild Staiger  c/o Institut für Asienkunde  Rothenbaumchaussee 32  D-20148 Hamburg  GERMANY    fax 00 49 40 410-7945      Newsletter editor/compiler    Marja Kaikkonen  Institute of Oriental Languages  Stockholm University  S-10691 Stockholm  Sweden    tel +46-8-16-14-12  fax +46-8-155-464  email


Biannual EACS Conference, September 1996, Barcelona


 1. THE FUTURE OF CHINA'S UNITY      Referees: Brian Hook y Joaquin Beltran      1.1 China's minorities people      1.1.1 Jogolev, Dmitri: "Modern China: Attitude towards strangers"    1.1.2 Huang Zhan-Zhu, Paulos: "Manchu language in the present China"    1.1.3 Dikariov, Andey D.: "Demographic trends among theTibetans in the PRC"      1.2 The Chinese relations with Hong Kong and Taiwan      1.2.1 Dandolo, Ignazio: "The birth of the special administrative region of Hong Kong and its impact on the outside world"    1.2.2 Beltran Antolin, Joaquin: "Tongbao. The yijiaren methaphor"    1.2.3 Hook, Brian: "The British legacy for Hong Kong: a unifying or divisive influence for China"    1.2.4 Von Senger, Harro: "The non-extension of the European convention of human rights to Hong Kong"    1.2.5 Gudoshnikov, L: "The future political system of Hong Kong in formation"      1.3 The Northern diaspora      1.3.1 Larin, Victor L.: "China advances to the North: the Chinese activities in Northeast Asia and the Russian Far East"    1.3.2 Portyakov, Vladimir: "Russian-Chinese trade and Chinese  migration into Russia"    1.3.3 Krassinets, Eugene & Tiuriukanova, Elena: "Migration from China to Russia:  Myths, realities, perspectives"        2. COASTAL AND SOUTH CHINA UP TO THE QING TIMES      Referee: Roderich Ptak      2.1 The Portuguese and Spanish approach      2.1.1 De Deus Ramos, Joao: "The variety of names given by China to Portugal"    2.1.2 Miasnikov, Vladimir S.: "Russian and Portuguese diplomats in the Ch'ing  China in the XVII century"    2.1.3 Folch i Fornesa, Dolors: "Some sources of Gonzalez  Mendoza"    2.1.4 Oll‚ Rodriguez, Manel: "Alfonso Sanchez on China"    2.1.5 Gra‡a de Abreu, Antonio: "D.Fr.Alexandre de Gouveia, Bishop of  Peking and the embassy of Lord Macartney (1793)"      2.2 Pre-modern China      2.2.1 Kurz, Johannes L.: "Off the beaten track: Official career in10th century  China"    2.2.2 Schotenhammer, Angela: "Reflections on the textile industry  around Quanzhou in the Song dinasty"    2.2.3 Vermeer, Eduard B.: "The expansion of the Fujianese in the late Ming  period"    2.2.4 Ptak, Roderich: "The Coral Islands in the South China Sea: Song to Ming"     Calanca, Paola: "The concessions of the coastal pacification under the early  Qing rulers"        3. CHINA AND THE OUTER WORLD IN PRE-MODERN TIMES      Referee: Erich Zürcher      3.1 China and Central Asia      3.1.1 Juhl, Susanne: "Archaeological studies in the province of Gansu of the first  half of the Vth century"    3.1.2 Heuschert, Dorothea:  "The Lifanyuan - The Qing agency for the  administration of the outer regions"    3.1.3 Dyakova, O.V.: "The Primoriye-China ethnocultural links"    3.1.4 Bøckman, Harald: "The construction of China as central - Shang through  Han"      3.2 China and the outer world up to the Qing Dinasty      3.2.1 Herbert, Penny A.: "Reflections of medieval Chinese political thought in  Shotoku Taishi's Japan"    3.2.2 Dorofeeva-Lichtman, Vera: "Conception of terrestrial organization  in the Shan hai jin"    3.2.3 Slobodnik, Martin: "Some remarks on the Chinese innerasian policy in the  Second half of the VIIIth century"    3.2.4 Bokshchanin, A. A.: "Chinese traditional foreign relations: tributary  system, universal monarchy or nominal vassalate?"        4. THE IMPACT OF ECONOMIC CHANGES ON CHINA      Referee: Vermeer      4.1 Political/social background and effects of the reform      4.1.1 Alexakhina Svetlana N.: "Ways of modernization in agriculture the reform"    4.1.2 Novoselova, Lyubov: "Industrial growth of China and  economic balance in Northeast Asia"    4.1.3 Holbig, Heike: "Inflation in the PRC, 1988/89: Strategies for the legitimation  of state power"    4.1.4 Ostrovski, A.: "Development of small economic units in rural areas as a way  of solving employment problems in the PRC"    4.1.5 Naumov, Ivan N.: "Population as a factor of economic growth in China"      4.2 The economic reform and its problems      4.2.1 Borokh, Olga N.: "Western impacts on contemporary Chinese economic  thought"    4.2.2 Pivovarova, Eleonora: "PR China: The transition to market  economy"    4.2.3 Kondrashova, Ludmila Iv.: "China's economic reform: strategy and  tactics"    4.2.4 Hjellum, Torstein: "Economic reform as a basis of legitimacy of the Dengist  regime"    4.2.5 Bustelo, Pablo: "Progress without privatization in China: The reform of state- owned enterprises in the 1990's"      4.3 Foreign trade and investment      4.3.1 Sprogis, Elena V.: "The Tumen delta development project:  China's approach"    4.3.2 Tsyganov, Yuri V.: "The role of foreign capital in the Chinese automotive  industry development"    4.3.3 Strømberg, Lars"Japanese foreign direct investments and official development assistance in mainland China"    5. THOUGHT AND RELIGION      Referee: K.Schipper      5.1 The buddhist impact      5.1.1 Dessein, B: "Seng-jui's preface to Nagarjuna's Twelve Gate Treatise Shih- erh Men Lun"    5.1.2 Heirman, A: "The conditions imposed on a bhiksuni to go forth, to become a  siksamana"    5.1.3 Georgieva, Valentina: "Chinese women following in the footsteps of  Mahaprajapati - the first Indian Buddhist nun"    5.1.4 Bumbacher, Stephan Peter: "The inner world of religion versus the  outer world of politics"      5.2 Chinese classical philosophy      5.2.1 Corradini, Piero: "Ancient China's Ming Tang between reality and legend"    5.2.2 Stevenson, Frank: "Ancient Chinese metaphysics and Western  Postmodernism"    5.2.3 Kroll, Juri: "The meaning of the term ti-li in the Han shu"    5.2.4 Wagner, Lothar: "Art as instrument for political  legitimation during the Tang: The smaller seal script and the legitimation  seal"    5.2.5 Milcinski, Maja: "Confrontation with death. Lie Zi's model"    5.2.6 Felber, Roland: "Slander and denouncement in Ancient China. Some  historico-terminological reflections"    5.2.7 Svarverud, Rune: "Transmission and authenticity of Jia Yi  Xinshu"      5.3 Religious revival in contemporary China      5.3.1 Tertitski, Konstantin: "The Chinese syncretic religions in XXth century"    5.3.2 Gobunova, Svetlana: "Buddhist revival in contemporary Shangai"      5.4 Thought in contemporary China      5.4.1 Chong, W.L.: "Subjectivity in Chinese thought: Li Zehou's culture criticism"    5.4.2 Lomanov, Alexander V.: "Cultural revival or the threat of  nationalism Confucianism in mainland thought since mid-1980"    5.4.3 Rosker, Jana: "The concept of autonomy in the European and Chinese  society: Problems of perception and their significance in intercultural  research"    5.4.4 Geivers, Bie: "Feng Youlan"    5.4.5 Titarenko, Michail: "Vitality and stability of Chinese  civilization: Pre-requisite for China's progress in reforms and  modernization"    5.4.6 Karpov, Michail V.: "Comparative aspects of democratic transition: Eastern  Europe, Russia, China"      5.5 Structures and strategies of the Chinese commentary in historical  perspective      5.5.1 Mayer, Alexander: "Some observations on the  classificatory schemes (Kepan) used in Chinese Buddhist commentarial  literature"    5.5.2 Röllicke, Hermann-Josef "Lin Xiyis Zhuangzi kouyi fati (1269)"    5.5.3 Lau, Ulrich: "The sacral background of some early Chinese juridical terms"    5.5.4 Gentz,Joachim: "Reading through the eyes of Confucius: Empathetic  readings of theChunqiu in the Gongyang zhuan"    5.5.5 Schimmelpfennig, Michael: "One editor, one comme
ntator?  Exegectic strata in the song of Chu (Chuci)"    5.5.6 Specht, Annette: "The superior men in Zhu Dezhis commentary to the  Zhuangzi"        6. MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY LITERATURE      Referee: Bonnie McDougall      6.1 Contemporary Chinese literature and the outer world      6.1.1 Kaikkonen, Marja: "Barbarian stereotypes? - Foreigners in  contemporary popular literature"    6.1.2 Budde, Antje: "Put down your whip-Woyzeck: Challenges and limits of  intercultural communication in the performing arts"    6.1.3 Fedeeva, E.: "Contemporary literary theory:Its past, present and furure"    6.1.4 Xiaoming, Chen: "The desintegration of allegory"      6.2 Confrontations and interactions in the literary field      6.2.1 Findeisen, Raoul: "Sophia in China"    6.2.2 Hockx, Michel: "Networking for Individualism - Literary Collectives, 1930- 1937"    6.2.3 Bichler, Lorenz: "Aspects of the sociology of literature in the early days of  the People's Republic of China"    6.2.4 Martin, Helmut: "Debates and conflicts in Taiwanese literature: The  authorities and the writer"      6.3 Contemporary fiction and literary criticism      6.3.1 Schweiger, Irmy: "The aesthetic vision of a modern metropolis: The city in  contemporary fiction"    6.3.2 Cho, Isabel Hwei-Cheng: "The body in contemporary fiction"    6.3.3 Xia, Li: "Gu Cheng's novel Ying'er (1993)"    6.3.4 Demido, Nina Y.: "Character types in fiction of the 1990's"      6.4 Gender and intertextuality in contemporary fiction      6.4.1 Larson, Wendy: "Feminism, post-modernism and agency: Chen Ran's post- revolutionary fiction"    6.4.2 Wedell-Wedellsborg, Anne: "After Kafka: The case of Can Xue"    6.4.3 Huot, Claire: "Having fun -finally- with a woman writer: Xu Kun's Tiaokan"        7. CHINESE STUDIES AND NEW INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES      Referee: R.Wagner      7.1 Scolarship using data bases as essential tools      7.1.1 Dudbridge, Glen: "Critical restoration of the lost text Sanguo dianlue"    7.1.2 Wagner, Rudolf G.: "The premodern Chinese public sphere. An analysis  using digitalized data bases"      7.2 Technical and methodological aspects of developing, accesing and  administrating electronic data bases      7.2.1 Hahn, Thomas:"An introdution to on-line research ressources in Chinese  studies"    7.2.2 Bumbacher, Stephan Peter: "Electronically generated concordances and relational databases"    7.2.3 Heraud, Benedicte: "The EACS dynamic on-line data base of sinological  periodicals in European libraries"    7.2.4 Nordenhake, Magnus: "Chinese to target language dictionary user  interfaces"        8. CHINESE LANGUAGE      Referee: M.Claude Paris      8.1 Chinese linguistics I      8.1.1 Gasde, Horst-Dieter: "Topics and WH-Clefts in Mandarin Chinese"    8.1.2 Alleton, Viviane: "Analyse des suffixes aspectuels dans la   prose de Bai Xianyong"    8.1.3 Auchlin, Antoine: "Unites discursives minimales et subordination syntaxique: sur quelques proprietes du marqueur bie"    8.1.4 Paris, Marie Claude: "On some syntactic and semantic aspects of adverbial subordination in Mandarin Chinese"      8.2 Chinese linguistics II      8.1.1 Kuenstler, M.J.: "Loan words in modern standard    Taiwanese"      8.2.1 Triskova, Hana: "Rithmical behaviour of the lexical units of spoken chinese  depending on their grammatical functional characteristics"    8.2.2 Sofronov,Michael: "Sense and rhythm in modern Chinese"    8.2.3 Visan, Florentina: "Sur l'effet de transitivite"      8.3 Teaching Chinese      8.3.1 Eide, Elisabeth: "The study of chinese: Philology or area studies?"   "The case of Chinese studies exemplified by a debate in Norway"     Speshnev, Nikolai: "Chinese phonetics. Introductory course. Methods of teaching"        9. CHINESE SOCIETY      Referee: Michel Cartier & Brunhild Staiger      9.1 Chinese women      9.1.1 Johansson, Perry: "Body, culture, identity: The semiotics of beauty product  advertising in China"    9.1.2 Gransow, Betina: "Large feet-small steps. Women and reform in urban  China"    9.1.3 Thorborg, Marina: "Feminism in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan"    9.1.4 Sausmikat, Nora: "Female autobiographies from the cultural revolution"      9.2 Local studies and field work in China: National policies in local perspective      9.2.1 Bruun, Ole: "Privatization and the revival of traditional cosmology"    9.2.2 Hansen, Mette Halskov: "Policy versus practice in Chinese minority education"    9.2.3 Henriot, Christian: "Chinese entrepreneurs: An analysis of a field-work  experience"      9.3 Local studies and field work in China: Some methodological issues      9.3.1 Primel, Anne-Garance: "Field work in three secondary vocational and technical schools in Shangai: some methdological   reflections"    9.3.2 Augustin-Jean, Louis: "New approach on the development of individual business in rural China. The example of Zhangpu, Fujian  province"    9.3.3 Th gersen, Stig: "Education in Zouping county, Shadong province in the  XXth century"      9.4 Public, culture and entertainment business in late Qing Shanghai      9.4.1 Janku, Andrea: "An intellectual between modern urban society and local  county community -Being an archeological study of Huang   Xiexun from Shanghai"    9.4.2 Mittler, Barbara: "Multiple personalities: Image and voice of the Shangai-ren  in Shenbao- editorials"    9.4.3 Vittinghoff, Natascha: "Voices from the readership - Letters to the editor in  the first Chinese dailies in Hongkong and Shanghai"    9.4.4 Yeh, Catherine Vance: "Shanghai as a theme park: entertainment business strategies of late Qing courtesans"      9.5 Games and gambling      9.5.1 Ebner v. Eschenbach, Silvia: "Games and gambling in China"    9.5.2 Greatrex, Roger: "Anti-gambling laws during the Southern Song and Yuan  dynasties"    9.5.3 Zanon, Paolo: "Philosophical discussion on the game of Weiqi in the times  of the Warring states and the Hang dinasty"      9.6 General issues      9.6.1 ter Haar, Barend J.: "Changing attitudes towards violence in   traditional China"    9.6.2 Ceresa, Marco: "The Chaliao ji and Ming dinasty tea-culture"    9.6.3 Sivam, Peter: "The law and the insane"    9.6.4 Tong, Youhua: "On hospitality in Chinese and Swedish"    9.6.5 Spencer, Andrew: "Challenges to sustainable transport in China's cities"    9.6.6 Samoylov, Nikolay A.: "Russian perceptions of Chinese society in the 2nd  half of the XIXth century-Beginning of th XXth"     Sheldon Lu: "The Discourse of modernity in contemporary China"        10. CHINESE ART        Referee: Roderick Whitfield y Youngsook Pak      10.1 Chinese classical art      10.1.1 Lauer, Uta: "The message of dots and strokes"    10.1.2 Whitfield, Roderick: "Questions of dating: Some Song dynasty paintings from Dunhuang"    10.1.3 Pak, Youngsook: "Song prototypes for Koryo Buddhist painting"    10.1.4 Russell-Smith, Lilla: "Planet gods in Dunhuang and beyond"    10.1.5 von Spee, Clarissa: "Modular system and freedom of creativity: The landscape of Wang Yuanqi (1642-1715)"      10.2 Chinese architecture and gardens      10.2.1 Nickel, Lukas: "Mortuary architecture in Northern Henan: A new symbolic concept and ist architectural expression in the time of    Wang Mang"    10.2.2 Wang, Tao: "Building the cosmos: A comparative study of the Mingtang (Hall of Brightness)"      10.3 General Issues      10.3.1 Zhang, Hongxing: "Representation of war in China in the 19th century"    10.3.2 Arnold, Mathias: "Precious stones or glazed ceramics: The meaning of liuli"        11. CHINESE CLASSICAL LITERATURE        Referee: Idema      11.1 Miscellaneous      11.1.1 Carnogurska, Marina: "Some theses concerning a theory of translation of classical Chinese ideographical texts into the European   (phonetic) languages"    11.1.2 Cai, Zongqi: "Poetics of harmony: Platonic and confucian theories of poetry"    11.1.3 Hu-Sterk, Florence: "Entre fascination et repulsion: les poemes de Tang sur le monde exterieur"    11.1.4 Kern, Martin: "A new order for old texts: The principles of classification in Yao Nai's Guwenci leizuan of 1779"    11.1.5 Rohrer, Maria: "The Fifty Palace Poems of Empress Yang"    11.1.6 Dolezelova-Velingerova, Milena: "The short story in classical and quasi- class
ical Chinese during the 1910s: Its      contribution to the modernization of Chinese fiction"    11.1.7 Relinque Eleta, Alicia: "Theatre conception of Li Yu and Chikamatsu"      11.2 The dream in the red chamber      11.2.1 Ching-erh, Chang: "The development of Chia Pao-yi's character"    11.2.2 Eifring, Halvor: "The psychology of love according to The story of the   stone"    11.2.3 Lang-Tan, Goat Koei: "The poems of Wang Wei in the discussion on poetry in The dream of the red chamber"      11.3 Autobiographies      11.3.1 Fuehrer, Bernhard: "Rethorical devices in Sima Qian's  self-portayal"    11.3.2 Riemenschnitter, Andrea: "Autobiography as a performance: Rereading Xu Xiake (1586-1641)"        12. MODERN POLITICAL HISTORY        Referee: Marianne Bastid-Bruguiere      12.1 Chinese politics      12.1.1 Kampen, Thomas: "The Russian returned students and the leadership of the Chinese communist party"    12.1.2 Samarani, Guido: "Interrrelations between Asian Nationalist movements: China, India, and the Second World War"    12.1.3 Tikhvinski, Sergei: "Study of Zhou Enlai biography as a source of Chinese modern history: Path of China to unity and    independence (1898-1949)"    12.1.4 Min, Lin: "Neo-nationalism in China"    12.1.5 Gladney, Dru: "The spectre of Chinese nationalism: pulling China apart or forward"

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