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Call for Papers: Formulaicity and idiomaticity in CFL and CSL

Aug 11, 2019
Deadline: 31st Aug 2019 The CASRI research group “Formulaic language, idioms, situation-bound utterances” is seeking contributions to a journal special issue or a monograph focused on formulaicity and idiomaticity in Chinese as a foreign or second language (CFL/CSL respectively). A formulaic sequence is defined by Wray (2000, p. 465) as “a sequence, continuous

CfP: “Censorship and Self-censorship – China and Chinese Studies”

Nov 2, 2018
European Journal of Chinese Studies; Volume 1; No. 1, 2020 Deadline: 1st Dec 2018 For its first edition, the European Journal of Chinese Studies invites scholars to submit papers dealing with aspects of censorship and self-censorship in pre-modern, modern, and contemporary China. We welcome unpublished papers that discuss the historical continuities and discontinuities

Economic and Political Studies (EPS) article abstracts of Volume 6 Number 2, 2018

Jun 2, 2018
Economic and Political Studies, a China-focussed academic journal recently published its issue 2 vol. 6, 2018 The full texts are available online at Unpacking the patterns of corporate restructuring during China’s SOE reform Xiaojun Li and Jean C. Oi Abstract State-owned enterprises (SOEs) in China have undergone significant restructuring since the mid-1990s. To date, scholars

Member’s Publication: Wenxin Duihua 文心對話

Jan 26, 2018
A Dialogue on The Literary Mind / The Core of Writing, a bilingual collection of papers discussing the Chinese literary and aesthetic tradition indelibly marked by the milestone of Wenxin Diaolong 文心雕龍. This work collects the contributions of six Chinese and Italian authors (such as Alessandra Lavagnino and Zhang Shaokang) who

Economic and Political Studies, Vol. 5 No. 4, 2017

Dec 12, 2017
Dear Colleagues, You may be interested in viewing the article abstracts of Volume 5 Number 4, 2017 of Economic and Political Studies (EPS) as follows. Their fulltexts are available online at . Grassland tenure, livelihood assets and pastoralists’ resilience: evidence and empirical analyses from western China Shuhao Tan and Zhongchun Tan,

Ming Qing Yanjiu XX 2016

Mar 10, 2017
MING QING YANJIU  ISSN 1724-8574 Università degli Studi di Napoli “L’Orientale”, Dept. of Asian, African and Mediterranean Studies Published by BRILL Editor Donatella Guida (Università degli Studi di Napoli “L’Orientale”) Editorial Board Rüdiger Breuer (Ruhr-Universität Bochum), Craig Clunas (University of Oxford), Nicola Di Cosmo (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton), Maram Epstein

New Issue: Ming Qing Studies 2016

Jan 17, 2017
edited by Paolo Santangelo (Sapienza University of Rome) We are glad to inform you that the new edition of Ming Qing Studies 2016 has been finally issued. Digital and hard copies can be purchased on-line at “Aracne Editrice” (see contents below)

Ming Qing Studies 2015

Jan 7, 2016
Contents   11   Preface by PAOLO SANTANGELO 15  Making sense of Incompleteness: Approximations of Utopia in Liang Qichao’s Xin Zhongguo Weilai Ji and Chen Tianhua’s Shizi Hou. LORENZO ANDOLFATTO 45   Travelling in a Thronged Desert. GIORGIO CASACCHIA 57  The Tension between the Realistic and Imaginary Elements in Alexander’s Illustration. CHEN YUSHU

L’Archicube, revue semestrielle publiée par l’a-Ulm, Association des anciens élèves, élèves et amis de l’École normale supérieure

Nov 24, 2014
L’ARCHICUBE est la revue semestrielle publiée par l’a-Ulm, Association des anciens élèves, élèves et amis de l’École normale supérieure. Elle consacre dans son numéro 17 de décembre 2014 un dossier de 140 pages à Chine, Japon, regards pour aujourd’hui en faisant, comme toujours, appel à des spécialistes des disciplines les plus

Tian Yuan Tan and Paolo Santangelo, Passion, Romance, and Qing: The World of Emotions and States of Mind in Peony Pavilion (3 vols.). Leiden, Boston: Brill. (Emotions and States of Mind in East Asia series)

Nov 17, 2014
“Passion, Love, and Qing examines the vitality of Peony Pavilion, the most famous drama in Ming China (1368-1644), through four essays (by Isabella Falaschi, Paolo Santangelo, Tian Yuan Tan, and Rossella Ferrari) and an extensive Glossary of specific terms and expressions related to the representation of emotions and states of mind.

New Issue: Early China (Journal)

Sep 17, 2013
EC 35-36 (2012-2013) is now in print. This volume is dedicated to Li Xueqin (s. photo) and guest-edited by Xing Wen. It includes interviews with Li Xueqin by Sarah Allan and Wang Tao; articles by David Keightley, Constance Cook, Xing Wen, Shu CHEN, Harold Roth, Donald Harper, Jeffrey Riegel, Crispin Williams,

Doleželová-Velingerová, Milena, and Rudolf G. Wagner. “Chinese Encyclopaedias of New Global Knowledge (1870-1930) Changing Ways of Thought”

Aug 27, 2013
“This is a set of pioneering studies on Chinese encyclopaedias of modern knowledge (1870-1930). At a transitional time when modern knowledge was sought after yet few modern schools were available, these works were crucial sources of information for an entire generation. This volume investigates many of these encyclopaedias, which were

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