Call for Contributions: Oriens Extremus

Deadline: 30th Sep 2012

Oriens Extremus assembles articles dealing with Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Southeast Asian cultural and intellectual history from the beginnings until the modern age. The next issue of Oriens Extremus will feature a special section devoted to The Chinese Revolution: Creating a New World. It focuses on an epochal process that spectacularly culminated a century ago in the Chinese revolution of 1911. However, the political events may be seen as merely the most prominent manifestation of an underlying current that changed almost every aspect of life not only China, but indeed all of East Asia: new nations were invented, systems of education were reformed, views of gender, youth, and social relations changed radically, new concepts of truth and morality were discussed. The entire conceptual inventory, it seems, was transformed within a few generations.  Oriens Extremus calls for papers that deal with aspects of this conceptual transformation. Which new concepts were developed in Meiji Japan that influenced revolutionary change? How were such new concepts  interpreted in Korea? How did they change the world view of the Chinese, and how did they influence (and become influenced by) the overseas Chinese community?

Moreover, Oriens Extremus welcomes articles from young scholars as well as special­ists from any field pertaining to Far Eastern cultural and intel­lectual history. We also encourage the submission of reviews and review articles at any time and will be glad to provide you with copies of the books you would like to review.
Should you be interested in contributing a paper, either to the special section or con­cerning another topic, please contact both Bernd Eberstein ( and Kai Vogelsang ( at your earliest convenience. We intend to foster close contact between the contributors in the preparation of the volume.

The deadline for submission is September 30, 2012.

Submission guidelines may be found at:

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