Vacant Position: Postdoctoral Research Associate- Comparative History of European and Chinese Polities (ca. 800-1600)

King’s College, London
Deadline: 7th Jun 2012

The Research Associate in the Comparative History of Chinese and European Polities (ca. 800-1600) will develop the comparative aspect of the project in collaboration with the Principal Investigator. She/he will engage in original research on the comparative history of political communication using cases from European and Chinese history; develop a reading seminar on the comparative history of pre-modern states and political communication in year one; assist in the content development of the project website (bibliographies, reviews); assist in the organization of a workshop on comparative historical methods and a conference on comparative political history and in the publication of project research (a minimum of two publications expected). In order to facilitate the evaluation and reuse of primary sources and data, the associate along with the other project members will to the extent possible contribute all primary sources in a structured format. The online presentation of the data and query tools will be undertaken by a research associate in the Digital Humanities and colleagues from the King’s College Digital Humanities Department. The Research Associate in the Comparative History of European and Chinese Polities will be employed full time for 36 months. A Ph.D. in history and a strong interest in comparative history are required. Candidates working on aspects of political communication in medieval or early modern Europe (Carolingian Empire, Italian City States, or Low Countries) are especially encouraged to apply. The closing date for receipt of applications is 7th June 2012. For further details and an application pack, please go to External Link.

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