Call for Papers: Transnational Chinese Cinemas, Embodiment, Corporeality, and Desire

Deadline: 1st Apr 2013

Editors: Brian Bergen-Aurand, Nanyang Technological University, Mary Mazzilli, Nanyang Technological University, Hee Wai Siam, Nanyang Technological University. This collection invites essays considering the evolving relation among National, Transnational Chinese, and Sinophone Cinemas and conceptualizations and deployments of embodiment and the body. It seeks to consider multiple aspects of Transnational Chinese and Sinophone Cinematic production, distribution, exhibition, and reception (critical and theoretical). And, it strives to consider bodies located in different times, places, and situations. The editors seek perspectives on Transnational Chinese and Sinophone Cinemas in terms of representation and function, identification and recognition, as phenomenological encounter, material process, “lived experience,” “sensation,” where cognitive, emotional, and corporeal processes meet. These essays will engage with Transnational Chinese and Sinophone Cinemas in the light of new approaches to the traditional mind/body divide.

This volume on Transnational Chinese Cinema calls for examinations of these issues in all forms. The editors invite essays that consider these (and other related) topics:

Transnational Chinese and Sinophone Cinemas and affect
Transnational Chinese and Sinophone and Sinophone Cinemas and the senses
Transnational Chinese and Sinophone Cinemas and the body
Transnational Chinese and Sinophone Cinemas and cognition
Transnational Chinese and Sinophone Cinemas, Sensation, Sensuality, and Sentiment
Transnational Chinese and Sinophone Cinemas as materially-embodied structure
Desire and Disgust
Bodies in cinema and bodies at the cinema
Audio-visual-haptic Reception
Questions of Gender, Sex, Sexuality
Questions of Race, Class, Ethnicity
Questions of Religion and the body in Transnational Chinese Cinemas
Questions of the body politic and Transnational Chinese Cinemas
(Dis)ability and Crip Theory
Kinship, Age, and Attunement
Norms and Ideals
Cyborgs, Avatars, and Virtuality
Embodiment and disembodiment
New media and new cinematic experiences
New media and the Posthuman body

The submission deadline is 1 April 2013 (for 500-word abstracts). A selection of authors will be invited to submit full papers (6000-10,000 words) by 15 May. Editors will respond to submitted papers by mid-June. All materials should be submitted in English. Acceptance of the abstract does not guarantee publication.

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