Conference: Chinese and Asian Geographical Views on Central Asia and its Adjacent Regions

Bonn, Germany
10th – 11th Jan 2014


Poppelsdorfer Schloss, Meckenheimer Allee 169, 53115 Bonn, Germany

Programme (preliminary)



9:00 Roderich Ptak: Welcome speech

Session 1: Chinese and East Asian Geographical Views on Central Asia I (chair: Valerie Hansen)

9:15 Niu, Ruji, “Mt. Tianshan: the Pivotal Line of Converging Asian Civilizations”

9:45 Inaba, Minoru, “From Caojuzha to Ghazni: Early Medieval Chinese and Muslim Descriptions of Eastern Afghanistan”

10:15 Hyunhee Park, “The Earliest Chinese Map of Central Asia and the Silk Road, 1260-1270”

– 10:45 – coffee break

Session 2: Chinese and East Asian Geographical Views on Central Asia II (chair: Roderich Ptak)

11:15 Rong, Xinjiang, “Reality or Tale? Marco Polo’s Description of Khotan”

11:45 Francesca Fiaschetti, “Between Landscape and Ethnoscape: Representations of the Xiyu in the Yuanshi”

12:15 Hodong Kim, “The Compilation of the Gazetteer of the Grand Unification (Dayitong zhi) and the Origin of the Mongol World Map”

12:45 Lin, Meicun, “On the Court Cartographers of the Ming Empire (《明帝国宫廷制图师考》)”

– 13:15 – lunch

Session 3: Chinese and East Asian Geographical Views on Central Asia III (chair: Christian Schwermann)

14:30 Liu, Yingsheng, “Cities and Routes of Ferghana in the Xiyu tudi renwu lüe 西域土地人物略 and Xiyu tudi renwu tu 西域土地人物图”

15:00 Nurlan Kenzheakhmet, “The Place Names of the Xiyu 西域 (Western Regions) in the Honkōji Kangnido”

15:30 Morris Rossabi, “Gazetteers and Officials in Northwest China in the 16th Century and Their Knowledge of Central Asia”

16:00 Angela Schottenhammer, “Seventeenth-Century Chinese Views on Her Northern Border Regions”

– 16:30 – coffee break

Session 4: Chinese and East Asian Geographical Views on Central Asia IV (chair: Susanne Adamski)

17:00 Cord Eberspächer, “Geography and Conquest. Learning Processes and the Qing Expansion to Central Asia”

17:30 Li, Man, “Xiyu 西域 (Western Regions) as a Temporal-Spatial Idea ‒ Central Asia in Wei Yuan’s 魏源 Cartography and Yudi 舆地 scholarship”

18:00 Wang, Dongping, “Huibu and Huijiang: Emergence and Development of the Geographical Names in 18th Century Southern Tianshan Area (《回部与回疆:18世纪天山南路地区地名的衍变》)”

18:30 Elke Papelitzky, “Chinese Cartographic Knowledge of the Gobi and Taklamakan Deserts”

– 19:00 – dinner (participants only)


Session 5: West Asian Geographical Views on Central Asia I (chair: Ralph Kauz)

9:15 Andreas Kaplony, “Markets and Marketplaces in Central Asia as Seen by Arabic Geography”

9:45 Hua, Tao, “‘ اذكش ‘ (ädhgiš) in Medieval Arabic-Islamic Maps”

10:15 Michal Biran, “The Scholarly Map of Mongol Central Asia as Seen from the Mamluk Sultanate”

10:45 Ebba Koch, “Cartography and Allegory of the Mughal Emperors”

– 11:15 – coffee break

Session 6: West Asian Geographical Views on Central Asia II (chair: Hyunhee Park)

11:45 Maryam Kamali, “The Problem of Centrality and the Continuity of Power in Central Asia (13-14 CE)”

12:15 M. Sahab, “A Research on the Maps of the Persian Geographers of the Islamic Era”

12:45 Wang, Yidan, “Rashid al-Din’s Description of China ‒ A Reinvestigation from the Geographical Point of View”

13:15 Ono, Hiroshi, “Hafiz Abru’s Geographical Work ‘Jughrafiya’ ‒ Its Significance and Evaluation”
– 13:45 – lunch

Session 7: Central Asian Views on Central Asia (chair: Nurlan Kenzheakhmet)

14:45 Paul Buell, “Geographical Knowledge in the Secret History of the Mongols, Lists and Descriptions”

15:15 Veronika Veit, “Routes and Maps in the Mongolian Tradition”

15:45 Yao, Dali, “Mapping Jungaria: Islamic & Chinese Cartographic Traditions Shown in the Map of ‘Renat I'”

16:15 Ralph Kauz, “Central Asian Geography in Persian and Chinese Sources at the Beginning of the Ming Dynasty”

– 16:45 – coffee break

Session 8: Central and North Asian Views on Central Asia (chair: Liu, Yingsheng)

17:15 Liu, Zhengyin, “On Moghulistan in Muslim Literature”

17:45 Sanavbar Vahidova, “Geographical History of Central Asia in the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century through the Beginning of the Twenty-First Century”

18:15 Zokirjon Saidboboev, “Russian Cartographical and Geographical Tradition about Central Asia”

18:45 Daniel Waugh, “Central Asia Viewed from the North: the Russian Chapter in the Later History of the ‘Silk Roads'”

19:15 – final discussion (chair: Valerie Hansen)




Department of Sinology, Institute of Oriental and Asian Studies (IOA)
University of Bonn
Department of History (John Jay College of Criminal Justice)
City University of New York
School of History
Nanjing University
Confucius Institute Düsseldorf
Funded by Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) and Fritz Thyssen Foundation


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