Exhibition / Publication: Maria Khayutina (ed.), Qin – The Eternal Emperor and His Terracotta Warriors

Bern, Switzerland
15th Mar – 17th Nov 2013


The present volume represents an accompanying publication to the exhibition “Qin – The eternal emperor and his terracotta warriors” at the Bernisches Historisches Museum.
The exhibition focuses on the formation of the Chinese Empire, the figure of the First Emperor (r. 246/221–210 BC) and his

monumental tomb complex with the famous terracotta army, as well as the legacy of this epoch for China. It displays around 220 artefacts from 20 museums and archaeological institutions of the Shaanxi province, dating from 11th c. BC to 3rd c. AD. For further information and tickets see www.qin.ch.

The accompanying publication covers all of the topics dealt with in the exhibition and expands upon them. The nine thematic chapters written by historians, archaeologists and conservators include a large number of colour illustrations, maps and charts (LOOK INSIDE >>). The three catalogue parts document all objects on display in the exhibition (LOOK INSIDE >>). A chronological table, an index of Chinese place and personal names and other terms mentioned in this book complete the publication.

The book is also available as:

Qin – Der unsterbliche Kaiser und seine Terrakottakrieger, ISBN: 978-3-03823-813-3

Qin – L’empereur éternel et ses guerriers de terre cuite, ISBN: 978-3-03823-837-9


Table of Content

I China in the First Millenium BC and the Rise of Qin

Chapter 1: The Zhou Dynasty and the Birth of the Son of Heaven (Edward Shaughnessy)
Chapter 2: Qin: From Principality to Kingdom to Empire (Yuri Pines)
Chapter 3: Tombs of the Principality of Qin: Elites and Commoners (Alain Thote)

Catalogue I     

II The Qin Empire and the Tomb Complex of the First Emperor

Chapter 4: King Zheng of Qin, the First Emperor of China (Yuri Pines)
Chapter 5: The Qin Empire
    Qin Government: Structures, Principles and Practices (Charles Sanft)
    The Standardization of Writing (Ch’en Chao-jung)
Chapter 6: The World To Go: the Last Resting Place of the First Emperor
    The Discovery of a Century: the Terracotta Army of the First Emperor of China (Cao Wei)
    The Tomb Complex and Its Hidden Secrets (Armin Selbitschka)
Chapter 7: Warriors, Officials and Entertainers
    The Terracotta Men and Their Roles (Armin Selbitschka)     
    The Production Techniques, Conservation and Restoration of the Terracotta Figures  (Catharina Blänsdorf and Linda Zachmann)

Catalogue II

III After the First Emperor

Chapter 8: The Qin and Han Empires and Their Heritage (Michael Loewe)
Chapter 9: Qin Shi Huangdi and His Terracotta Warriors in the 21st Century
    Staging Qin Shi Huangdi: the First Emperor on Stage and Screen (Anna Stecher)
    The First Emperor and His Army in Imagery and Sculpture (Maria Khayutina)

Catalogue III

The book in all language versions can be purchased in the museum shop or ordered directly from the publisher (External Link…) as well as from various on-line booksellers.


First Image: © Bernisches Historisches Museum, Bern und Verlag Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Zürich Second Image: © Bernisches Historisches Museum, Bern. Foto Christine Moor




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