International Conference “The Forbidden City, Imperial Palaces and Royal Courts: Symbols of Imperial and Monarchical Power in the East and West Compared”

Boulogne-sur-mer, France
25th – 28th Sep 2013
Deadline: 10th Apr 2013

Organization: Université du Littoral Cóte d’Opale, in collaboration with the GRSL (Group Societies, Religions, Secularism), EPHE-CNRS, France, and with colleagues from the Palaces Museum, Beijing, China.

Conference languages: French, English or Chinese.

The organisers of the conference welcome contributions on the following themes, around the Symbols of Chinese Imperial Power

(for example, the Forbidden City Studies), and the Symbols of Imperial Power and Monarchical Power Compared: State power and imperial/royal power: similarities, differences, changes; Politics and religion at the imperial and royal court; Political forces and factions at the imperial and royal court with respect to reforms; Imperial and royal marriages and their political implications; Questions of succession; “Sex” and “power” in the palaces and their political consequences; The struggles of courtesans at the court: Empresses and concubines; Queens and royal mistresses; The imperial and royal historical writings and the control of power; Orientations of cultural life in the courts and imperial/royal financial management; Art and literature at the court; Court customs and fashions and their changes: dress, food, cooking, games; Change in court architecture, craft production, gardening, furniture, material culture; Court institutions, rites, ritual ceremonies, festivities; Norms and codes of behaviour in the palaces and the various psychological influences; Names, titles, appellations, interpretations, languages and forms of politeness, sociability and psychology; Imperial palaces, royal courts, princely palaces: changes and links; Structure and system of organization of the imperial and royal court in the West and in the East: similarities and differences; Comparison of Eastern and Western palaces: architecture, appellation, sign, symbol, etc.;

We look forward to receiving your proposal and hope you will be able to join us in September 2013.

Li Ma,

For the Organizing committee


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