Workshop: Contemporary Research on Chinese Women 當代中國女性研究研討會

Tsinghua University Beijing, China

May 11th 2013

The French Centre for Research on Contemporary China (CEFC) and the Centre Franco Chinois cordially invite you to attend the following workshop: 法國現代中國研究中心及中法中心誠邀閣下參加以下研討會:WORKSHOP “CONTEMPORARY RESEARCH ON CHINESE WOMEN” 當代中國女性研究研討會

Venue: Wenbei Building, Room 206 05 月11 日 清華大學文北樓 206 室


SESSION 1: Property Ownership and Gender Inequality Speakers: Tang Can (Researcher, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences), Sally Sargeson (Research Fellow, Australian National University), and Leta Hong Fincher (Ph.D. Candidate, Tsinghua University) Discussant: Aurore Merle (Assistant Professor, Sociology Department of Tsinghua University) 论坛1: 物产与性别不平等 主講:唐灿(中国社会科学院社会学研究所家庭与性别研究室研究员),Sally Sargeson (澳大利亚国立大学研究员) ,及洪理达 (清华大学社会学系博士生) 评论: Aurore Merle 梅晓红 (清华大学社会学系讲师)

SESSION 2: Feminism and Gender studies in contemporary China Speakers: Feng Yuan (Independent Scholar) and Guo Yuhua (Professor, Sociology Department of Tsinghua University) Discussant: Jean-Philippe Béja (Researcher,CNRS, SciencePo Paris) 论坛2: 当代中国的女权主义和女性研究 主講:冯媛(独立学者)和郭于华(清华大学社会学系教授) 评论: Jean-Philippe Béja 白夏 (巴黎政治学院教授,法国国家科研中心研究员)


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