Call for Papers: International Conference: “Aesthetic Notions: Framing Emotional Perception”

Paris, France
26th – 27th Jun 2014
Deadline: 15th Feb 2014

Interdisciplinary, intercultural and interinstitutional partnership with Paris Sorbonne (Paris 4, OMF), Sorbonne nouvelle (Paris 3, CERC), Jean Moulin Lyon 3 (Marge), Charles de Gaulle Lille (CEAC), Panthéon Sorbonne (Paris 1, Hicsa) and l’ENS Lyon (CERCC et IAO). Logistically and technically supported by Réseau Asie (CNRS) and Escom (FMSH)
The conference will take place at: Bâtiment Le France, 190, av. de France, Paris 13e
The conference aims to explore notions related to the cognitive aspects of aesthetic emotion, both in regard to its manifestations and the theorization of its forms. It seeks to investigate how emotional perception is framed by terms which foreground the levels, nuances and different aspects of the aesthetic emotion, a human phenomenon with unclear contours.
The assumption behind this endeavour is that artistic experience contributes to the reconfiguring or our cognitive perception of the world, combining perceptive/interpretative mechanisms with an emotional experience belonging to the realm of affects. In so doing the work acts as a transitional object between the creator’s poïetic experience and that of the spectator. The success of this very poïetic experience stems from the disturbance it causes to emotional perception and its cognitive interpretation.
The language which characterize this phenomena is contrived in different ways according to different cultures, as is exemplified by the various termes such as catharsis in the West, rasas in India, the 奇 qi in China, the flower metaphor in Japan (花 hana, flower), and so on. This approach should facilitate the understanding of how affects (emotion, trouble, etc., 感動 gandong en Chine, 감동 gamdong en Corée, 感動 kandô au Japon) translate emotional perceptions into aesthetic appreciations (such as the existing hierarchy « 神 shen, 妙 miao, 能 neng » in China).
Taking a comparative, considered approach we aim at understanding the associated mechanisms – both universal and cultural – and how different cultures have attempted to theorize these experiences as well as the modes of expression used to characterize them.
At the intersection of the social sciences and the humanities (SHS) on the one hand and advanced neuroscience on the other, we focus as much on the appearance of these terms, the conditions of their use, and their theorization as it does on accounts of actual experiences and on experiments aiming to reveal the conditions whereby aesthetic emotions are activated.
Papers can be presented in the classical format, based on written, performed or experimental material, where an audience is implicit and analyzed. Proposals are invited for presentations of 30 minutes long; they must include an abstract of maximum 300 words and a short biography, sent to the following address:
Deadline for submission: 15th February 2014
Deadline for results: end of Mars 2014
The selection committee is formed by ad-hoc members attached to Langarts’ leading and scientific committees. The organizing committee is formed by regular participants of GTs « Notions esthétiques » and members of the Langarts’ leading committee. Please visit the website :


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