Call for Papers: Oriens Extremus

Deadline 30th Mar 2015

Oriens Extremus invites contributions to a special section on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the journal La Jeunesse (Xin Qingnian 新青年), founded in Shanghai in September 1915. We take this centennial as an occasion to discuss not only the historical and intellectual significance of La Jeunesse itself, but also the wider thematic field of youth movements in modern East Asia. Oriens Extremus seeks contributions that focus on concepts and strategies of youth activism and its media, including Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese journals and newspapers of similar outlook and scope as La Jeunesse, such as Chūōkōron 中央公論, Sin Han ch’ŏngnyŏn 新韓青年 and Taiwan qingnian 臺灣青年.

Moreover, Oriens Extremus continues to welcome articles from any field pertain- ing to East Asian cultural and intellectual history. We also encourage the submission of review articles at any time and will be glad to provide you with copies of the books you would like to review.

Should you be interested in contributing a paper, either to the special section or concerning another topic, please contact both Kai Vogelsang and Thomas Fröhlich at your earliest convenience. We intend to foster close contact with the contributors in the preparation of the volume and look forward to having a productive collaboration.

The deadline for submission is March 30, 2015.



Submission guidelines may be found at: External Link




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