Conference: “Martino Martini, man of dialogue (1614-1661). His works about China in the German and Italian cultures.”

Trento, Italia
15 – 17th Oct 2014

In occasion of the 400th anniversary of the birth of the Jesuit China missionary Martino Martini (1614-1661), the Centro Studi Martino Martini of Trento and the Stiftungslehrstuhl für Missionswissenschaft of Würzburg University are pleased to announce the upcoming conference:


Venue: Palazzo Geremia (Sala Falconetto) –  via Belenzani, Trento  
              Dipartimento di Lettere (Aula 1)- v. T. Gar, Trento


Day 1 – October, 15     Palazzo Geremia (Sala Falconetto)

Chair: Riccardo Scartezzini


16:30-17:00        Registration and welcome coffee
17:00-17:30        Welcome of the organizers and the authorities

17:30-18:00        Federico Masini, Sapienza University of Rome
                              Keynote Speech 1


18:00-18:30        Noël Golvers, KU Leuven
                              Keynote Speech 2

19.30                    Welcome dinner


Day 2 – October, 16     Dipartimento di Lettere (Aula 1)


Panel 1: Martini and the China Mission, session 1
Chair: Isaia Iannaccone


09:30-10:00        Claudia von Collani:
                              Two Astronomers: Martino Martini and Johann Adam Schall von Bell

10:00-10.30        Riccardo Scartezzini e Piergiorgio Cattani
                              The century of the Jesuits in Trento: Martino Martini and the city of the Council between the Italian and the

                              German world.

10:30-11.00        Orlando Lentini:
                              Martino Martini between two virtual realities

11:00-11:30        Coffee break


Panel 2: Martini and the History of China
Chair:  Federico Masini


11:30-12:00        Davor Antonucci
                              An unknown work of Martino Martini? Working hypotheses

12:00-12:30        Luisa M. Paternicò
                             The Manuscript of the Sinicae Historie Decas Prima in the Vatican Library

12:30-14:30        Lunch

Panel 3: Martini and the Geography of China, session 1
Chair: Daniela Dumbrava


14:30-15:00        Uta Lindgren
                              Martini’s Atlas of China and the oversea interests of the Netherlands

15:00-15:30        Evelyn Gottschlich
                              The influence of Martini’s Atlas Sinensis on the European cartography of Tibet and China

17:00-17:30        Michele Castelnovi
                              Novus Atlas Sinensis: Martino Martini versus Marco Polo

16:00-16:30        Coffee break

Panel 3: Martini and the Geography of China, session 2
Chair: Uta Lindgren


16:30-17:00        Daniela Dumbrava
                             Northern Asian cartographical knowledge in the XVIIth century: from narrative elements to exploratory ones.

                             Nicolae Milescu “meets” Martino Martini
17:00-17:30        Stefano Piastra
                              Francesco Brancati, Martino Martini and Shanghai’s Lao Tang (‘Old Church’). Mapping, Perception and Cultural

                             Implications of a Place

19.30                   Dinner

Day 3 – October, 17    Dipartimento di Lettere (Aula 1)


Panel 4: Martini and the Rites Controversy
Chair: Claudia von Collani


09:30-10:00        Rita Widmaier
                              Modal Logic versus Probabilistic Logic: Martino Martini and the Question of Truth in the Chinese Rites Controversy

10:00-10:30        Gianni Criveller
                              Linguistic and strategic conflicts in the Chinese RitesControversyThe role of Martino Martini

10:30-11:00        Ilaria Morali
                             Theological Aspects of the Rites Controversy and their Modernity 50 Years after the Second Vatican Council:

                             contribution to an authentically Catholic Theology of Religions.

11:00-11:30        Coffee break

Panel 1: Martini and the China Mission, session 2
Chair:  Noël Golvers


11:30-12:00        Maria Grazia Russo
                              Martino Martini and his Protuguese Letters

12:00-12:30        Wang Liangming
                             The construction of Sacred Space during the time of Martino Martini

12:30-14:30        Lunch

Panel 5: Martini and the Chinese Language
Chair: Luisa M. Paternicò


14:30-15:00        Xie Mingguang
                              Martini Martino and the traveling of the Xi Ru Er Mu Zi (1626) in Europe

15:00-15:30        Yuan Xi
                              A Terminological Research on the Theological Chinese Work of Martini

15:30-16:00        Luo Ying
                             The Jesuits’ Latin Translation of Four Books in the17th Century: with focus on Prospero Intorcetta’s Zhong Yong



16:30                  Guided Tour of ‘Martini’s Places’ in Trento


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