Conference: The “China Dream”: Passions, Policies and Power (Registration Open)

Leicester, UK
24 – 25th Sept 2014

“The first international conference in the UK hosted by the University of Leicester’s China Studies Research Alliance (ChiSRA).” As China has grown economically, its cultural and political landscape has changed profoundly. As well as raising living standards, China now needs to satisfy its people’s growing desire for world-class education, healthcare, food and water security, clean environments and cultural influence in arts and technology.

President Xi Jinping’s ‘China Dream’ points to a vision for how China will engage the world for the next two to three decades. But media and China-watchers the world over have been asking what it all means.

Our conference will explore the  ‘China Dream’ in a provocative and exciting way, with speakers from a range of disciplines in the arts and social sciences.

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