Colloquium on Emotions and Collective Imagery in Traditional China and Europe literary works as historical sources, emotions and art, imagery and self-deception

emotionsRome, Italy
2 – 3rd Feb 2015

Confucius Institute of Rome; Italian Institute of Oriental Studies Department / ISO –
Sapienza University of Rome, Via Principe Amedeo 182/b – Classroom n. 7 Principe
Amedeo, 182

Monday February 2 nd , Sapienza University of Roma I.S.O., h. 14.30

Federico Masini , Vice Rector Sapienza University of Rome

Matilde Mastrangelo , Director of Italian Institute of Oriental Studies Department / ISO, Sapienza University of Rome

Alessandra Brezzi, Director of the Confucius Institute of Sapienza University of Rome

15.00 Paolo Santangelo (Sapienza University), An interdisciplinary project:
textual analysis on emotions and collective imagery

15.30 Oki Yasushi (Tokyo University), Able Official or Comedian? : How was
Feng Menglong perceived through the eyes of his contemporaries?

16.00 Coffe break

16.30 Huang Zhuoyue (北京语言大学 Beijing Language and Culture
University), The theories of “sensibility” 性灵说, and new concepts for a new
mentality ( 趣 , 顺人情 ).

17.00 Lee Cheuk Yin (Singapore National University), The world of emotions in
Tao’an mengyi 陶庵夢憶

17.30 Tian Yuan Tan (SOAS), The rhetoric of love in Mudanting

18.00 Discussion

Tuesday February 3 rd , Sapienza Roma University I.S.O., h. 9.30

09.00 Albert Hoffstädt (BRILL senior editor, Asian Studies), Brill’s engagement
in Chinese studies, and the New Series Emotions and States of Mind in East

9.30 Roberto Gigliucci (Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia, Sapienza
University), Faust, Don Giovanni e la modernità occidentale (Faust, Don Juan
and Western modernity) .

10.00 Discussion

10.30 Coffe break

11.00 Luisa Paternicò (Rome Università degli Studi internazionali), Chinese Words to
Express Emotions Recorded in the Missionary Grammars.

11.30 Yuan Xi (Sapienza University of Rome), A research of the treaty on Friendship
(Qiuyou pian) (1661) of Missionary Martini

12.00 Giulia Falato (Sapienza University of Rome), Western concept of friendship (with
Chinese characteristics) in Alfonso Vagnone S.J.’s work 童幼教育 (Child Education, ca.

12.30 Discussion

Tuesday February 3 rd , Sapienza Roma University I.S.O., h. 15.00

15.00 Davor Antonucci (Sapienza University of Rome), Missionary approach to the
Chinese society: emotions and prejudices

15.20 Federica Casalin (Sapienza University of Rome), The Aesthetic contemplation of
Italian fine arts in some Chinese travel diaries of the Late Qing period (1867-1897)

15.40 Martina Turriziani (Sapienza University of Rome), The connection between art and
patriotic feeling in Kang Youwei’s Yidali youji

16.00 coffee break

16.30 Renata Vinci (Sapienza University of Rome), The Role of the Shenbao in the
Construction of a Public Image of Italy in China (1872-1912)

16.50 Alessandra Brezzi (Sapienza University of Rome), Some artistic descriptions and
ethical dilemmas in Shan Shili’s travel notes on Italy (1909).

17.20 Ornella De Nigris (Sapienza University of Rome), Traditional woman imagery as
seen through female visual art: some examples

17.40 Discussion


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