11th Lodz East Asia Meeting “East Asia Dynamics. Between Being Regional and Global“

University of Lodz, Poland

2 – 3rd Jun 2015
Deadline: 22nd Mar 2015

The 11th Lodz East Asia Meeting (2–3 June 2015) proposal submission deadline has been extended to 22nd March 2015. We invite scholars,
researchers and graduate students interested in presenting and discussing issues related to the growth of East Asia from regional and global
perspective. To submit the abstract please visit our website at www.leam.uni.lodz.pl

The conference is an annual gathering of scholars interested in Asian affairs, especially their political and economic aspects. After the success of the last three editions, when over 70 foreign guests participated (among others, from Japan, China, Taiwan, the USA, Russia, Germany, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic) we wish to continue the Lodz East Asia Meeting as an international event. This way it gives a valuable opportunity for the exchange of ideas between scholars from different countries. This is of significant importance to young researchers, who always account for a significant number of the participants. For them, it represents a chance to develop international contacts and become more familiar with different methodological approaches.

The phenomenon that is the dynamic change of Asia’s position in international relations and its rising political and economic significance requires proper analysis. The aim of the conference is to determine the nature and importance of the changing role of Asia in world affairs. The organizing committee has decided to put an emphasis on the processes of regionalism and globalization in the region of East Asia. The growing role of interdependence on the one hand, but on the other the rising tensions and rivalry between East Asian giants place this subject as one keeping with time.

The LEAM 2015 keynote speech will be delivered by professor Glenn Hook from Sheffield University. Professor Glenn Hook is the Director of the National Institute of Japanese Studies (NIJS) and  Director of Research (Regionalization and Globalization cluster) at the White Rose East Asia Center in Sheffield. Moreover, he writes extensively on Japanese politics and international relations e.g. Japan’s International Relations (co-author), Routledge, 2012  and Decoding Boundaries in Contemporary Japan. The Koizumi Administration and Beyond, (editor) Routledge, 2011.

Furthermore, the organizers will conduct four special panels on Institutional Changes in Japan’s Foreign Policy Making (sponsored by the Department of East Asian Studies, University of Lodz), on New Trends in China’s Paradiplomacy (sponsored by the Department of East Asian Studies, University of Lodz  and the Polish Institute of International Affairs), New Dynamics of Australia-Indonesia Relations (sponsored by the Department of East Asian Studies, University of Lodz, and the Institute of International Relations, University of Warsaw) and on the Role of International Law in East Asia (sponsored by the Department of International Law and International Relations, University of Lodz).

Topics that will be considered for inclusion are divided into three thematic platforms, the first one being East Asian domestic development, the second regional cooperation in East Asia, and the third East Asia and global issues.
East Asia as a Region

1. Regionalism and security issues in the East Asia region
2. South China Sea disputes and its impact
3. China, Russia, Japan and Korea in the East Asia security complex
4. Between rivalry and cooperation? China and India in South East Asia
5. China’s Xi Jinping’s foreign policy strategy and Abe’s Strategy for Japan
East Asia in Global Affairs
1. China’s “checkbook diplomacy” and new financial bodies
2. The unanswered problem of North Korea and global reaction
3. The US foreign policy’s Asian Pivot. Causes and effects
4. Consequences of the changing role of Asia for the European Union
5. G20: new formula for the global governance
6. Social and economic problems of China’s and India’s rise
East Asia from Domestic Perspective
1. New types of leadership in the Communist Party of China
2. The social development of China, Japan, South Korea in the comparative perspective
3. Abenomics and Japan’s new-old domestic problems
4. The dimensions of North Korean leadership
5. Social and political changes in the Korean Peninsula
6. South East Asia dilemmas of political development

Please submit a 250 word abstract by 15 March 2015 here.

The Organizing Committee will announce the accepted panels and abstracts on 27 March 2015.
The Organizing Committee guarantees that conference papers will be published in an edited volume of the Contemporary Asian Studies Series (open access) or at the LEAMPlus webpage as LEAM Discussion Papers. Please submit your full paper by 30 September 2015.
Venue: University of Lodz, Poland
Language: English
Date: June 2-3, 2015

Proposal Submission Deadline:  March 22, 2015

Announcement of Accepted Abstracts: March 27, 2015

Conference Fee: 80 EURO (graduate students 45 EURO)

Conference participants are to make their own travel and accommodation arrangements. Lunches and refreshments during the conference will be provided by the organizers.



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