Sixth Annual Summer Workshop “Studies of Asian Arts, Religion, and History”

Shanghai, PRC
Jun 23rd – Jul 2nd 2016

Deadline: 15th May 2016

The National Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies at Fudan University (IAHS), the East Asian Studies Department and Program of Princeton University, and the Institute for the Advanced Study of Asia of Tokyo University invite applications from advanced graduate students for an intensive summer program in Studies of East Asian Arts, Religion, and History (June 23 – July2, 2016) in Shanghai, China. Through this program, we have invited scholars from various fields to open six seminars on specific topics. We will also arrange associated research activities to complement the lectures. The Program will end on July 2nd; dormitory rooms should be vacated by then.



Sponsored by:

National Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies, Fudan University,
East Asian Studies Department and Program, Princeton University,
Institute for the Advanced Study of Asia, Tokyo University




June 23, 2016:16:00-17:30 Student registration
June 23, 2016:17:30-19:30 Evening meeting and dinner reception for Chinese and foreign students.
June 24, —June 29: seminar and research activities
June 30:  Free time to prepare written essays by students
July 1:  Small Group Meetings in the A.M.,
Presentation of Student Certificates in the P.M.
July 2: Checkout


The instructors are:

Prof. Martin Kern 柯馬丁(普林斯顿大学东亚系教授)
Prof. Benjamin Elman艾尔曼(普林斯顿大学东亚系教授
Prof. Haneda Masashi 羽田正(东京大学东洋文化研究所教授)
Prof. Ōki Yasushi大木康(东京大学东洋文化研究所教授)
Prof. Ge Zhaoguang葛兆光(复旦大学文史研究院教授)
Prof. Tao Feiya 陶飞亚(上海大学文学院教授)

The Program sponsors visits to the Shanghai Museum or the Shanghai Library, local libraries, temples and churches as well as a visit to Jiangnan areas that preserve significant cultural and architectural traditions. The chance to meet and exchange views with Chinese graduate students from Tokyo, Fudan, and other Shanghai universities is also encouraged.

Room and board will be provided by the IAHS. Students are expected through their universities to cover their own air-tickets and ground transportation during their stays in China. Any necessary visa documentation will be provided by the Institute, but visa processing fees will not be covered.

The primary language of interaction will be Mandarin Chinese, and reading ability in Classical Chinese is also strongly recommended. It is imperative that graduate students have the necessary language training to engage in serious academic discourse in Chinese. Those with the equivalent of advanced Modern Chinese are invited to apply.

This program will accept 15 graduate students specializing in East Asian studies from universities in North America and Europe. Those who have passed their required PH.D qualifying examinations and have started writing their dissertations are encouraged to apply.

Download the application form here (.docx)


Applicants should send the application form to . Please send your application before May 15, 2016.

Chinese language Introduction

Please provide a one page introduction to yourself and your research in Chinese. The Institute instructors will use this information to tailor their presentations to your language abilities and interests.



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