Summer Courses in Chinese Literature, Literary Translation and Language

nthu-summer-coursesNational Tsing-Hua University, Taiwan

3rd Jul – 11th Aug 2017


1. Sinophone Women Writers 華人女作家

This course will guide students in the study of works by modern and contemporary women writers. Taught by a scholar of modern Chinese literature who is herself also an acclaimed fiction writer.

2. Classical Chinese Narrative 中國古典敘事

This course will introduce students to narrative forms and techniques used in the Zuozhuan and in Tang and Song essayistic writing. It will provide students with a historical understanding of the development of Chinese narrative and teach them formal strategies of reading.

3. Literary Translation 文學翻譯

An introduction to fundamental concepts of literary translation pertinent to late imperial to modern Chinese literature. Three hours per week will be dedicated to in-class translation practice.

4. Introduction to Classical Chinese 基礎文言文

Using selections from classical Chinese thought and literature, the course will give students grounding and practice in working with the syntax, grammar, and vocabulary of classical Chinese.

5. Cross-cultural Discussion in Mandarin: Global Issues 全球議題雙向討論

This course will give students an opportunity to discuss prominent topics in today’s global issues with Taiwanese students. By encouraging in-depth discussion, it will broaden the range of conversational topics for foreign students and local students, and strengthen the skills in Mandarin discourse, argumentation, reasoning, and precision of expression.

6. Spoken Chinese (Mandarin) for Professionals 高階華語口語表達精修

This course consists of four circulating parts: establishing the atmosphere, supplementing knowledge, practical tasks, and analysis and discussion. The goal is to acquaint students with fitting ways of linguistic expression in different situations. It is aimed at high-level students of Mandarin who would like to make the language their specialty (for academic, educational, business, etc. purposes).

All courses are taught in Chinese by instructors proficient in English and capable of customizing courses to meet the levels of preparation and the interests of students. Readings available in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

Each course meets for six hours a week for six weeks, totalling 36 hours.


Three years of college-level Chinese, or the equivalent. For students in “heritage track,” two years of college-level Chinese, or the equivalent.

Course Fees

USD1200 per course


National Tsing Hua University campus in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Students will stay in university dormitories or the university guest house, have access to campus dining, libraries, athletic facilities.

Hsinchu is a city in Northern Taiwan, with a population of around half a million, and the base of Taiwan’s computer and high-tech industry. It is around 90 km south of the capital, Taipei, and easily accessible to Taipei in one hour by bus, train, and high-speed rail.


For short-term study, a visitor visa to Taiwan, ROC, is sufficient.

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