Advanced Course on the relations between China and the Portuguese-Speaking Countries, at the University of Coimbra.

The University of Coimbra has just created a new Advanced Course on the relations between China and the Portuguese-Speaking Countries in order to satisfy the demand for knowledge and experience in this area. The aim, therefore, is to explain how the political and juridical systems function and to see how the business cultures of these two worlds are inter-related. The course will focus on Intercultural Management, Commercial Relations, Investment and Tourism and will provide the necessary skills required for success in this area.

These objectives are more easily achieved in Coimbra where students of the Lusophone world have a history of interacting with Chinese students, who come to the city in ever increasing numbers to study Portuguese in order to work as diplomats, translators or in business with the Lusophone countries.

The various courses are taught in modules by the very best national and international specialists in the field, which guarantees a range of varied approaches and teaching techniques. The lessons will take place on Friday afternoons between October and December and between February and May. If required, students may follow courses given in just one semester.

Study excursions to relevant institutions and an ‘International Week’ in China and/or a Portuguese-Speaking Country, will be organised as long as there is sufficient interest. Assistance will be given to students looking for internships in various institutions that work in the China-Lusophone world.

The total cost of the course is payable in ten monthly instalments of three hundred euros. More information is available on the course website.