(10th Annual Meeting of Academy for International Communication of Chinese Culture) China and the World: The Reach and Influence of Contemporary Chinese Culture

Beijing Normal University, P.R.China
30th Nov 2019
Deadline: 30th Jun 2019

The 10th Annual Meeting of Academy for International Communication of Chinese Culture will be held on Friday, November 29, 2019, at Beijing Normal University. We now would like to invite you to our forum, and would greatly appreciate your contribution to the international communication of Chinese culture.

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I Theme and Sub-themes

In order to deepen and carry forward the research project of “the reach and influence of contemporary Chinese culture”, following last year’s theme, “modernity and tradition”, we have decided to focus our discussions this year on “China and the world”.

General Annual Theme: China and the World: The Reach and Influence of Contemporary Chinese Culture

A few exemplary sub-themes for reference (but not limited to):

1. The global resources for the reach and influence of contemporary Chinese culture
2. The interactivity between the influences of Chinese culture and foreign cultures
3. Case studies of cultural communications in contemporary China and in the world
4. Approaches and achievements of cultural exchanges between China and the world

Please feel free to come up with other topics based on your own areas of research for our discussion. The papers submitted and approved will be published in the “The Third Pole Culture” symposium or recommended for other related academic journals.

II Date and Venue

All attendees should complete registration at the meeting hall 8:00-8:40 am, November 29, 2019. The registration fee is 1,200 CNY per capita, and will be fully covered by the Huilin Foundation for every attendee.
Venue: Jingshi Academy, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, PRC
Date: Friday, November 29, 2019
Working Language: Chinese and English (simultaneous interpretation provided)

III Deadlines for Paper Submission and Format Requirements

1 Deadlines: Please send title, abstract, and author’s biography to aiccc@bnu.edu.cn before June 30, 2019. We will announce the list of accepted papers and open registration on July 30, 2019. Please send an electronic copy of full paper to aiccc@bnu.edu.cn before September 30, 2019. Editing and printing work will be done by October 30, 2019.

2 Subject for email and naming format for attached files: AICCC2019 + author’s name, the author should include his/her personal information on the first page of the paper (full name, nationality, affiliated school, education, position, contact information, photo).

3 Format: Paper in English please refer to “Chicago Manual of Style (16th Edition)”.

4 Unless otherwise stated, we will be authorized by default to edit and publish submitted papers (only for papers in Chinese) for practical purposes.

IV Contact

Academy for International Communication of Chinese Culture, Beijing Normal University
Address: #19, Xinjiekou Wai St., Haidian, 100875, Beijing, PR China
Tel: 010-58805680
E-mail: aiccc@bnu.edu.cn


第10届年会暨 “中国与世界:当代中国文化国际影响力生成”国际论坛

尊敬的 先生/女士:


1. 当代中国文化影响力生成的世界资源
2. 中外文化影响力的交互表现
3. 当代中国和世界文化传播的案例研究
4. 中外文化交流的路径与效果


会议地点:中国 北京 北京师范大学京师学堂


1.征稿进程:2019年6月30日,提交论文题目及摘要、作者简介。7月30日:公布入选论文名单,注册会议。9月30日,将全文电子版提交至大会组委会邮箱 aiccc@bnu.edu.cn. 。10月30日,论文定稿,交付编辑、印刷。
3.格式:中文正文用宋5号,脚注格式(每页重新编号①),尽量无图片和参考文献。英文请采用 “Chicago Manual of Style (16th Edition)”格式



地址:北京市新街口外大街19号 邮编:100875
会务总负责联系电话:010-58805680 邮箱: aiccc@bnu.edu.cn


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