Call for Papers: Workshop “Exploring Sinophone Polyphony – Voices of Modern Literature in Taiwan”

Trier, Germany
20-21st Sep 2019
Deadline: 30th Jun 2019

A conflux of several cultures –Chinese (both as national culture and very diverse local cultures), Austronesian indigenous, Japanese, and Western –modern Taiwan is a very fascinating setting for a literary community. Taiwanese authors explore this lifeworld from a multitude of perspectives in their works, nativist, diaspora, indigenous, modernist, LGBT literature, science fiction/fantasy, poetry or blogs to name a few. The cultural pluralism of Taiwan becomes increasingly visible in literature with works published in Hakka, Hoklo, Minnanese, as well as in works in different indigenous microlanguages and Chinese by indigenous Taiwanese authors. As the creation of the Taiwan Literature Award for Migrants, now running in its fifth year since2014, shows, literature is perceived as a meaningful approach to socio-political issues. However, as it is, this vibrant literary community still remains at the fringes of Sinological research, leaving this aspect of Sinophone literature rather underrepresented in scholarly discourses in the West.

Organizers: Department of Sinology and DFG-Centre for Advanced Studies “Poetry in Transition,” Trier UniversityMonumenta Serica Institute, Sankt Augustin

Venue:Trier University, 20-21 September 2019

This workshop aims to gather researchers and authors to reflect upon current trends in modern Taiwanese literature from multiple angles. A particular focus will be on the genre of poetry. Questions to be discussed are, among others: Which topics are most relevant to the authors? In which ways do they perceive themselves vis-à-vis society? To what extent are Taiwanese identity/ies negotiated in literary works? The workshop will be held at Trier University, Germany, from 20-21 September 2019 (for further information kindly refer to:; for directions see: The workshop language of communication will be Chinese, presentations in English are also welcome. Presenters will presumably have around 30 minutes for their presentation.

Lodging for the participants in Trier will be provided free of charge by the organizers(providedthat our funds are sufficient). As the organizers are not able to offer travel bursaries, participants are asked to kindly arrange for funding their transportation costs with their respective institutions.

A publication of the workshop contributions is scheduled for June 2020.

We hope that we managed to spark your interest in joining this workshop and would welcome your positive feedback via the reply form attached to this invitation for your convenience. Please send us the completed reply form including a tentative title and a short abstractaround 200-300 wordsof your contribution until 30 June 2019 at latest.We are looking forward to hearing from you.With best regards and thanks for consideration,Sincerely,

Prof. Dr. Christian Soffel 蘇費翔, Department of Sinology, Trier University, Germany
Chien Juo-ping 簡若玶,M. A. (language lecturer) Department of Sinology, Trier University, Germany
Dr. Dirk Kuhlmann 顧迪康, Monumenta Serica Institute, Sankt Augustin, Germany

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