Summer School “Law and Governance in Contemporary China”

Amsterdam, Netherlands
18th Jul-1st Aug 2020
Deadline: 1st May 2020

How would a sound ‘China Strategy’ look? Should we do business with China, or reflect instead upon its historical relationship with human rights? Is the priority of China’s President Xi Jinping to strengthen his power and position within the government, or to create and administer law? Is China’s judiciary system ineffectual , or does it sufficiently protect individual rights?

Questions such as these have become increasingly concerning to major decision-makers and opinion leaders across Europe and beyond. The answers to these questions often fall short. The predominance of stereotypes and misunderstandings are all too common, suggesting a general deficit of knowledge about China. As Chief of the British Defence Staff , General Sir Nick Carter recently claimed: “China is not a threat but a challenge. If we as a middle-sized country want to continue to prosper, we will have to learn about it and try to understand it.”

Course level: Advanced Bachelor/Master, open to PhD staff and professionals

Co-ordinating lecturers: Dr Qiao Cong-Rui and Prof Tom Zwart

Other lecturers: tba

Forms of tuition Lectures, excursions, discussions, group work

Forms of assessment Participation, book or journal article review, presentation

Credits 3 ECTS

Contact hours 45 hours

Tuition fee €1150

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