Upcoming Conference: XIII International Research and Practice Conference «RUSSIA – CHINA: HISTORY AND CULTURE»

Kazan, Russia
8–10th Oct 2020
Deadline: 30th Jun 2020

We are glad to invite you to participate in the XIII International Research and Practice Conference «RUSSIA – CHINA: HISTORY AND CULTURE». This year the conference is devoted to such important historical events as: the 75th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 and the 75th anniversary of the victory in the Resistance War of the Chinese people against Japanese aggression 1931-1945. In addition, 2020 marks the 220th anniversary of the outstanding orientalist Osip Mikhailovich Kovalevsky; one of the Round Tables will be dedicated to him and his studies.

Organized by:
Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Tatarstan
Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University
Institute of International Relations
Department of Altaic and Chinese Studies
Confucius Institute
Centre of Science and Education “Sinology”
Association of Chinese language teachers in the Volga Federal region

For Kazan Federal University, 2020 is also an important milestone in international cooperation; 30 years ago, between Kazan State University and Hunan Pedagogical University signed an Agreement on cooperation. The issues of internationalization of education and the role of the People’s Republic of China in this process will become the main ones in the work of the Discussion Club, which will once again be held as part of the Conference.
The first international scientific-practical conference “Russia – China: History and Culture”, held in October 2008, was timed to coincide with the opening of the Confucius Institute of Kazan University. During this time, it has become an important scientific event – representatives of academic and university science of the Russian Federation, the People’s Republic of China and other countries can exchange views on the problems of cooperation between Russia and China.

The main directions of the conference’s work:

1. Current issues of Chinese language and literature;
2. Chinese language teaching methodology and intercultural communication;
3. China as part of the system of international relations and Russian-Chinese relations;
4. Chinese social and economic development and Russian-Chinese cooperation in these fields;
5. History of China and Russian-Chinese relations;
6. Chinese philosophy and culture;
7. Young sinologists’ section.

Within the framework of the conference, the work of round tables and discussion platforms is planned.
Round table “The contribution of Russian Sinologists to the development of world sinology: the past and present of Russian sinology.”
Round table “75th anniversary of the victory in the War of resistance of the Chinese people to Japanese aggression 1931-1945.”
Discussion platform “The internationalization of education and the role of China in this process.”
Open lectures of leading scientists of the Russian Federation and China on the development and interaction of Russia and China are also planned. Conference lecturers, guests and everyone will be able to take part in the lectures.

Attention! If you and your colleagues have suggestions for holding a separate specialized section or round table, we will be glad to consider your applications and include them in the work of the Conference.
Requirements for a separate section (panel) – at least 4 participants on your part.
We will also be happy to consider your suggestions about other formats: open lectures, presentations, master classes, exhibitions, etc.

We ask you to inform the Organizing Committee about your proposals when submitting materials or in advance.

Teachers, researchers, experts, undergraduates, graduate students are invited to participate in the conference. Participation in round tables and discussion platforms is possible without publication, but with a speech or discussion. The application must indicate in what format your participation is planned.
For masters and graduate students, the publication of articles / reports is provided only together with their supervisors (presentation materials and an application signed by students and their supervisors, as well as a review / recommendation of the supervisor are provided).
Attention! No more than two works of undergraduates and graduate students are allowed to be published under control of one scientific adviser.

The plenary session of the conference, as well as the work of the sections, will be held at the Kazan (Volga) Federal University.

Conference working languages ​​are Russian, Chinese, English.
By the beginning of the conference, it is planned to publish a peer-reviewed collection of materials, as well as a specialized issue of the international journal “MODERN ORIENTAL STUDIES”.

The collection is published with ISBN (RSCI).
For publication and timely preparation of the collection with conference and journal materials, participants must submit the following materials by June 30, 2020:
• an article drawn up in accordance with the requirements;
• information about the author (s) (for students, masters and graduate students, information about the supervisor).

Download the complete call for papers (including more information on requirements for the design of articles):