Call for Contributions: “China and Global History” International Online Workshop

1-3rd Sep 2021
Deadline: 1st Jun 2021

Update: The following PDF is the workshop’s handout and contains information regarding the program, the keynotes and the registration link of the online workshop “China and Global History”. The workshop takes place on Zoom between 1-3 September, and is co-organized by Mr. Sebestyén Hompot (University of Vienna), Ms. Sabine Hinrichs (University of Vienna), and Ms. Tanja Kotik (University of Graz): China_and_Global_History_Online_Workshop_handout

Main organizer: Sebestyén Hompot (Ph.D. Candidate of Sinology at the Institute of East Asian Studies, University of Vienna, Austria)
Co-organizers: Tanja Kotik (Ph.D. Candidate of Contemporary History, University of Graz, Austria), Sabine Hinrichs (Ph.D. Candidate of Sinology at the Institute of East Asian Studies, University of Vienna, Austria)

Since the late 20th century, the concept of “Global History” has gained increasing popularity in Western academia. Global History generally denotes a perspective of history which includes various levels of analysis beyond the nation-state-focused mainstream of modern-era historiography. In recent decades, translations of the term and discussions of its relevance have increasingly entered the academic discourse in China as well.

The aim of the present workshop is to support academic networking, exchange, and discussion among young researchers interested in China-related global history and historiography. Participants will be invited to present their research and act as commentators, as well as session chairs.

A non-exhaustive list of possible research questions includes the following:

  • How can terms like “empire”, “world-system(s)”, “world-region” and other analytical approaches/categories of Global History be used to explain historical events and developments in dynastic/modern China in a global context?
  • How does a regional East Asian perspective of history contribute to the global view?
  • Did China have a pre-modern tradition of world/global historiography? If yes, how can it be characterized (in terms of geographical scope and perspective, ideology, etc.)?
  • How is the growing interest towards a global perspective of Chinese history related to China’s (re)emergence as a global power?

The workshop will be held online on 1-3. September 2021. Submitting a research paper is not a requirement for participation. If you are interested in presenting at the workshop, please send your name, academic degree, current academic affiliation, and an abstract of 300-500 words to the organizer of the workshop Sebestyén Hompot ( The deadline for submissions is June 1, 2021.

A committee consisting of Ph.D. candidates from the University of Vienna and University of Graz will decide on the final selection of the presentations and organize the program so that colleagues from various time zones will be able to participate. The finalized program will be announced by July 1, 2021 and the deadline for registration will be August 1, 2021. A decision on the potential publication of the presentations will be taken in a final round of discussions at the end of the workshop.

Download this announcement as PDF: China_and_Global_History_Workshop_Call_for_Contributions