Vacant PhD Position in Chinese Studies (TV-L 13), Cluster of Excellence “Understanding Written Artefacts”

University of Hamburg, Germany
Deadline: 31 October 2022

The Cluster of Excellence “Understanding Written Artefacts” invites applications for a PhD position (“research associate”) in Chinese Studies with the focus on written artefacts from any historical period. For the full announcement and the application form, please visit the University of Hamburg website:

The successful candidate will be enrolled in the Cluster’s graduate school and participate in research colloquia, lectures and workshops. Furthermore, the position includes active engagement in the research field “Inscribing Spaces” or “Graffiti”, which in turn offers a great opportunity of working in an inspiring interdisciplinary team and to join the collaborative research activities of the Cluster. For further information, see

We welcome applications for projects with a clear focus on the study of written artefacts and relating to the research scope of the Cluster. Candidates should have a strong interest in cooperating beyond disciplinary boundaries, especially across the humanities, natural sciences and computer sciences. Against this background, topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • production and use of written artefacts in public, domestic, and/or work spaces (including ritual spaces)
  • graffiti practices in premodern, modern, and/or contemporary East Asia
  • written artefacts and mechanical reproduction (seals, rubbings, woodblock printing)
  • interplay between manuscript and epigraphic production
  • written artefacts and provenance studies

Candidates must apply with a project proposal (in English) outlining their research interests of max. 5 pages (plus bibliography) including a brief summary, literature review, a detailed project description and a 3-year schedule.