Vacant Positions: 9 Doctoral Candidates at Graduate School of East Asian Studies (GEAS)

Freie Universität
Berlin, Germany
Deadline: 14th Nov 2022

Graduate School of East Asian Studies (GEAS) at Freie Universität, Berlin, will admit up to 9 doctoral candidates to its PhD program “East Asian Studies” again, beginning October 1st, 2023.

The application period starts on 15 September 2022. Deadline for submissions: 14 November 2022.

GEAS offers at FU Berlin offers a structured 3-year PhD program for 4-year PhD procedures with a regional focus on East Asia (China, Japan, Korea). Doctoral dissertations at GEAS are expected to analyse modern or contemporary East Asia in the field of politics, society, economy, culture, law or history.

Scholarship Availability

Two fully funded scholarships for international candidates are available upon nomination to the DAAD-GSSP program by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Two fellowships for candidates with Chinese citizenship are available through the cooperation of Freie Universität and the Chinese Scholarship Council through the FUB-CSC PhD scholarship program. Candidates not offered a scholarship can be admitted to the program, provided they apply for and secure external funding from other foundations and sponsors before or at the same time as applying for GEAS. The coordination office will support the applications and assist if necessary.


Successful applicants will have an above-average master’s degree in either area studies (Chinese Studies, Japanese Studies, Korean Studies) or a discipline represented at the Graduate School (Political Science, Social and Cultural Anthropology, Business, Economics, Law, History, Cultural Studies, Humanities) with a focus on East Asia. The language of communication is English. Successful candidates should also have language skills in an East Asian Language (Chinese, Japanese, or Korean) at a level of B2 or higher.

Further Information

For additional information on the application process and submission requirements, please check our website at and feel free to contact us at

To submit applications, please register at the online application portal of Dahlem Research School Booking & Application Site. Please do not send applications via email or mail.

The screening takes place from November 2022 to March 2023. Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed via video conference in February/March 2023. Candidates accepted will receive notice by March/April 2023 for acceptance to the program. A place in the program is contingent upon admission to the relevant PhD procedure in the chosen subject at Freie Universität Berlin after acceptance to GEAS. Notice for admission into university will take place starting June/July 2023.