JEACS, Volume 3, 2022 “New Views on Visual Materials 視覺影像刮目相看”

We are happy to announce that vol. 3 (2022) of the Journal of the European Association for Chinese Studies is now online. As usual, it is fully open access (CC BY 4.0). This volume contains a special section on « Visual materials in local gazetteers » and three other research articles, four book reviews, and a list of PhDs defended in 2021 (at European institutions). You’ll be able to download each contribution there:

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Table of Contents
Alexis Lycas, Marie Bizais-Lillig, Laura De Giorgi, Alison Hardie, Sascha Klotzbücher, Frank Kraushaar
Editorial: New Views on Visual Materials 視覺影像刮目相看
Kenneth Hammond 
Visual Materials in Chinese Local Gazetteers 中國視覺方志
Xin Yu 余 欣
Scenic Views of Administrative Units in Ming China 明代方志中的府州縣景致研究
Sander Molenaar 
Locating the Sea: A Visual and Social Analysis of Coastal Gazetteers in Late Imperial China 給海洋定位: 明清時期沿海方志的視覺及社會分析
Daniel Burton-Rose
Wenchang Buildings in Late Imperial China: A Consideration of the Visual Record in Late Imperial Local Gazetteers文昌建築:
Anne Gerritsen
The Tiger’s Teeth: Local Gazetteers as Sources for Images Related to the Performance of Ritual 虎的牙齒:
Daniel Knorr
Thinking Outside the Walls: Illustrations of Cities and Extramural Space in Chinese Gazetteers來自牆外的視角: 中文史料圖錄中的城邑與郊野
Qin Yang 楊 琴
“This Belt of River” 一段河水一方人: 清初方志中當地人所體驗的黃河
Visual Representation of the Yellow River as Local Expression in Early Qing Local Gazetteers
Fan Lin 林 凡
Bifurcated Memory: A Cultural Biography of the Porcelain Pagoda of Nanjing 記憶的錯位
Rainier Lanselle
Diglossia, Intralingual Translation, Rewriting: Towards a New Approach to the Analysis of the Relationship between Ming-Qing Vernacular Stories and their Classical Sources (1) 雙言、語內翻譯、改寫
試析明清話本小說及其源本的新方法 (1)
Adrian Zenz
The Xinjiang Police Files: Re-Education Camp Security and Political Paranoia in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region
新疆公安文件: 職業技能教育培訓中心的警力管理与新疆政策中的偏執妄想症
Book reviews
Bart Dessein
Henrietta Harrison: The Perils of Interpreting. The Extraordinary Lives of Two Translators between Qing China and the British Empire
Bart Dessein
Melissa Macauley:Distant Shores. Colonial Encounters on China’s Maritime Frontier
Irmy Schweiger
李時雍 Lee Suyon (ed.): 百年降生 1900-2000 台灣文學故事 [100 Years of Taiwan Literature: 1900-2000]
Christian de Pee
Christian Lamouroux: La Dynastie des Song: Histoire générale de la Chine (960-1279)
List of PhDs Defended at European Institutions in 2021


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