Call for Papers: The 24th ISCP conference “Addressing Global Crises and Reimagining Solutions through Chinese Philosophy”

Ljubljana, Slovenia
20-23rd Jun 2025
Deadline: 15h Oct 2024

“The conference will revolve around the compelling theme of “Addressing Global Crises and Reimagining Solutions through Chinese Philosophy”
The current crises, such as aggressive wars, severe environmental disasters, unequal distribution of resources, viral pandemics, etc., are global problems that cannot be fully solved within the narrow framework of individual countries or nation-states. They must also be addressed within the larger framework of global cooperation and solidarity. Such strategies require the development of genuine intercultural dialogue, i.e., dialogue that goes beyond the currently fashionable terminologies and can lead to a truly equal transcultural exchange of knowledge and ideas. This conference aims to explore both traditional and contemporary Chinese philosophical perspectives, seeking their contributions towards crafting a new planetary ethos that emphasizes mutual understanding and practices of solidarity in confronting these universal challenges.

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