Faculty Position in the History of Asia

University of São Paulo, Brazil
Deadline: 22nd Apr 2024

The Department of History at the University of São Paulo is seeking to appoint a tenure-track faculty member in History of Asia, whose research focuses on the Asian spaces rather than the European presence in Asia. Candidates who are proficient in Asian languages, have experience with Asian archives and sources, and are conversant with scholarly literature written in Asia by Asians will be preferred. The mission of the successful candidate is to establish and consolidate the field of History of Asia at the University of São Paulo.


  • Develop his/her own individual research project, present its results in academic events, and publish them in national and international publications.
  • Teach undergraduate surveys, advanced courses, and graduate seminars in the History of Asia, with particular focus on the Chinese, Indian and Japanese spaces.
  • Supervise individual students at both undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as coordinate collective research projects.
  • Mentor young researchers in Brazil and abroad.
  • Forge collaboration and joint projects with national and foreign scholars and academic institutions.
  • Lead outreach projects that spread the knowledge produced at the university to society in general.
  • Take an active role in the university service and administration at all its different levels.

The position to be filled corresponds roughly to that of tenure-track assistant professor in US universities but open for scholars holding a PhD at any stage of their careers. There is a so-called ‘probative’ period of 3 years, after which tenure is usually granted. The position is called “Professor Doutor 1”, or “MS-3.1”, and is full-time, called “RDIDP” (an acronym for a full-time position dedicated to teaching and research).

The monthly salary, as of May, 2023, is R$ 14.761,02 (with other benefits and after taxes, this amounts to 150K BRL annually).

Useful information

Please find below some links with further information about our University, Department, Research in Brazil and the City of São Paulo:
a. Edital – História da Ásia
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Applications should be submitted by April 22, 2024 at 5pm (Brasilia) (or 8pm UTC).

Applications should be submitted exclusively online through the website https://uspdigital.usp.br/gr/admissao (detailed instructions at the end of this document).

It is highly recommended to start filling in the forms many days before the deadline.

For any inquiries concerning the submission of application, please contact the Academic Technical Assistance of the Institute at apoioaca1fflch@usp.br or apoioaca2fflch@usp.br

For more general questions about academic career at USP, feel free to contact Prof. Daniel Strum at danistrum@gmail.com

The selection is competitive, and includes formal written and teaching exams, in addition to the evaluation of the candidates’ trajectory, graded by a committee.

The exams can be taken in English, in which case this has to be stated explicitly in the application materials (the contents of the exams taken in English and Portuguese will be identical).

The written and teaching exams will cover the following topics (program):

  1. Chronologies for the history of Asia: criteria and periodization
  2. Organization of the spaces: ethnicities, wars e empires
  3. Archeology and material culture in Asia 

  4. Writing systems and book cultures 

  5. Philosophies and the State: Hinduism, Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism and Shintoism
  6. Structure of the elites and state organization
  7. Sociocultural orders: clan, cast and family.
  8. Dynamics between centers and peripheries, and the liquid territories
  9. Inter-Asian connections: trade and diplomacy in Asia
  10. Asia and the globalization processes
  11. The historiographic debates around the Great Divergence.

The selection process is governed by the University’s and Faculty (School) of Humanities bylaws. The official documents describing the rules of the process is Edital – História da Ásia and its amendment and the respective bylaws.

Please find the information and documents required for application at: External Link …

Download the complete announcement provided with this vacancy as PDF: