International Conference “Historiography and Hagiography in Buddhism and Beyond.”

University of Cambridge, UK
8–10th Jul 2024
Deadline: 23rd Feb 2024

This international conference aims to bring together scholars working on practices of record-keeping, historiography, and hagiography in the Buddhist tradition and in related cultural fields. Recent years saw a steadily growing interest in the impact of Buddhism on historiography and hagiography, in tandem with an unprecedented increase in the availability of textual and visual primary sources. Ambitious digitization projects and the changing landscape of the digital realm offer new opportunities to study premodern and contemporary practices of writing and narration. In this three-day conference, we seek to foster an interdisciplinary discussion on practices of textual and visual recording, storytelling, and memory in Chinese Buddhism and beyond – past, present, and future.


This conference is generously sponsored by the Tzu Chi 慈濟 Foundation and hosted by the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Cambridge.


The conference will take place at the University of Cambridge in Cambridge, United Kingdom, on 8-10 July 2024 (08/07/2024-10/07/2024). Accommodation and meals will be provided for the duration of the conference. Travel expenses to Cambridge will be covered for conference presenters (please contact organizers for further details).

會議將於 2024 年 7 月 8 日至 10 日在英國劍橋大學舉行。會議期間將提供住宿與膳食。會議將報銷演講者往返劍橋的旅行費用(請聯繫組織者獲取更多詳細信息)。

We welcome proposals for papers on topics relating to historiography, hagiography, and narration, including but not limited to:

• Buddhist historiography and record-keeping
• Historiography and record-keeping in other Chinese religious traditions
• Narrating lives of extraordinary individuals (e.g., biographies, autobiographies, hagiographies) in textual, oral, visual, and material forms
• The intersection of Buddhism and literature
• Book culture and production of texts in the Buddhist tradition (e.g., in print culture, manuscript culture, patronage of textual production, production of temple gazetteers and mountain gazetteers, etc.)
• Uses of visual arts and the performance arts in creating or supporting Buddhist historiography and hagiography


• 佛教的史學書寫與文獻保存
• 中國其他宗教傳統的史學書寫與文獻保存
• 以文字、口述、視覺及物質文化形式對卓越個體的生平敘述(例如傳記、自傳、聖徒傳記)
• 佛教與文學的交匯
• 佛教傳統中書籍文化與文本生產(例如印刷文化、手稿文化、出版實踐、文本生產的資助、寺廟志和山志的書寫等)
• 使用視覺藝術及表演藝術創作或支持佛教的史學書寫及聖徒傳記

Proposals for papers should include the following information:*

  1. Name, affiliation, and title of position at the affiliated institution (independent scholars are also welcome to apply; please note “independent scholar” in your proposal, if relevant)
  2. Title
  3. 250-word abstract
  4. Contact information: email, address, and phone number(s)

The deadline for all proposals is Friday, February 23 rd, 2024 (23/02/2024).

Proposals should be sent as either a Word or PDF file to the following email address:

For general information and logistical questions, please email the organizing committee at:

Regarding the conference, please contact the primary organizer, Dr Noga Ganany, at

*Proposals must be submitted in English.


  1. 姓名,所屬機構,以及所屬機構的職稱(獨立學者也歡迎申請,如適用,請在提案中註明“獨立學者”)
  2. 題目
  3. 250 字摘要
  4. 聯絡信息:電子郵件、地址及電話號碼

所有提案的截止日期為 2024 年 2 月 23 日星期五(23/02/2024)。請將 Word 或 PDF 格式的提案發送至以下電子郵件地址


有關會議,請聯繫主要組織者高諾佳博士(Dr. Noga Ganany):。

Download the complete announcement as PDF: