International Conference: “Ming 命 as life-conditioning force and as malleable fate: Perspectives from old(er) age.”

Ghent University, Belgium
16-18th Dec 2024
Deadline: 20th Jun 2024

Ming 命, often translated as ‘command’, ‘allotment’, ‘fate’, and more generally ‘life’, has up till today deeply pervaded Chinese societies. Within its continuous development in the three teachings (Confucianism, Daoism, Buddhism), ming has seen most of its intellectual debate in Confucian and later Neo-Confucian thought. In folk belief, ming knowns many interpretations and related practices, such as geomancy (fengshui 风水), fortune telling (suanming 算命), and face and palm reading (mianxiang 面相; shouxiang 首相).

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