Lecture Series

How to Read Chinese Poetry Podcast: Three episodes on Ming and Qing poetry by Professor Grace Fong

Hosted by Zong-qi Cai, Lingnan University
Feb 14, 21, 28th 2023
Himalaya, Google

“This podcast presents cutting-edge scholarship on Chinese poetry to a broad general audience. In its 52 episodes, leading experts guide listeners through a pleasurable journey of Chinese poetry, poem by poem, genre by genre, and dynasty by dynasty.”

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Lecture Series: The vernacular culture of etiquette of late imperial China as represented in the Ming-Qing novel

Series of four lectures by Prof. Roland Altenburger (Univ. of Würzburg), Guest Prof. at Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes

Hybrid (Teams) | Paris, France

10-17-24-31 Mar 2023
2-4pm (CET)

This lecture offers an introduction to the system and practice of social etiquette – addressing, greeting and clothing – of late imperial China as reconstructed on the basis of a range of novels of the Ming and Qing (16th-18th c.). While social etiquette constituted codes of distinct forms and licences of usage, their practice was dynamic and open to negotiation and manipulation. The novelistic representation of characters’ social interaction permits the interpretation of social etiquette in practical context.

Lectures summaries and access link on:

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