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Upcoming EACS Conference

The 23rd Biennial Conference of the European Association for Chinese Studies (EACS), Leipzig, Germany 2021



Previous EACS Conferences

Glasgow 2018, St. Petersburg 2016Portugal 2014, Paris 2012, Riga 2010, Lund 2008, Ljubljana 2006, Heidelberg 2004, Moscow 2002, Torino 2000, Edinburgh 1998

Previous EACS Summer Schools

Lampeter, UK, 4-8th Sep 2017 2017

St. Petersburg, “Traditional China: a Closer Distant View” A Sinological Summer School, 2015

Venice, Summer School: “History and Historiography in Imperial China and the Encounter with the West”, 2013

Third EACS Summer School in Chinese Studies: Chinese Folk Culture, 2012