Call for Papers: SHARP in China 2015: ICHS/CISH Conference: “Reading, Writing and the Book: New Histories / La Lecture, l’écriture et le livre: nouvelles perspectives”

Jinan, Shandong, VRC
24th – 28th Aug 2015
Deadline: 30th Nov 2013

As an International Affiliated International Organization of the International Committee on the Historical Sciences, SHARP is in a position to organize three sessions during the week-long conference to be held in Jinan, in Shandong Province of Eastern China, August 24 to 28, 2015. This is a call for papers with a due date of 30 November 2013.

There will be three half-day sessions, under the general title “Reading, Writing and the Book: New Histories / La Lecture, l’écriture et le livre: nouvelles perspectives”, as follows:

  1. Histories of reading and writing. 4 or 5 presentations in English, plus a commentary. Martyn Lyons ( SHARP Board member and plenary speaker at the 2010 Helsinki conference will co-convene with Leslie Howsam ( SHARP past-president).
  2. Portable books, travelling texts and entangled histories. 4 or 5 presentations in English, plus a commentary. With special reference to east-west / north-south connections and/or travel writing, this session focuses on what happens when books and texts move across temporal, spatial, material, social, linguistic, cultural or political boundaries. Sydney Shep ( SHARP Vice-President will convene.
  3. L’histoire internationale du livre/The history of the book in a transnational perspective ( Cette session, exclusivement en français, réunira 5 ou 6 présentations et un commentaire destinés à montrer comment, en Asie ou en Afrique, en Amérique (Nord et Sud) et en Europe, l’histoire du livre exige aujourd’hui une perspective transnationale pour tenir compte de l’apport des circulations transculturelles inhérentes à l’histoire de chaque pays.

CISH/ICHS meets every five years, and SHARPists participated in the 2010 conference in Amsterdam. This meeting presents an exciting opportunity to extend “SHARP’s Impossible Global Ambitions” as presenters at the Philadelphia conference put it recently. For some of us, it will be an opportunity to visit China. I understand that Jinan is about an hour and a half by train from Beijing. Needless to say, participants will have to find their own funding, and it’s worth noting that the ICHS/CISH registration fees tend to be somewhat high. On the other hand, they have told us that “the hotels in Jinan are not very expensive, from 40 euros (decent hotel) to 90 euros (luxury hotel).”
Further information about the whole ICHS/CISH week-long conference, with their call for papers (and for commentators for the round tables) is online on the CISH website :

If you are interested in participating in one of the SHARP/CISH sessions, please contact one of the organizers listed above by 30 November with a 350-word paper proposal and a brief c.v./bio.


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