Summer School: New Directions in the Study of the Mongol Empire

The Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem
1st – 4th Jul 2014
Deadline: 5th Nov 2013

The “New Directions in the Study of the Mongol Empire” Summer School aims to scrutinize the empire from a holistic perspective. It looks at the Mongol Period not only as a chapter in the annals of China, Iran, Russia or Inner Asia, but as a multi-faceted phenomenon in its own right – one that combined elements from various Asian imperial traditions (particularly steppe, Islamic, Persian, and Sinitic empires) and made them its own–and which has had a broad and enduring impact on world history.

This summer school will convene some of the leading scholars in the history of the Mongol Empire, all of them contributors to The Cambridge History of the Mongol Empire currently in preparation and edited by Michal Biran and Hodong Kim. Each scholar will give a lecture concerning the new and provocative aspects of his/her chapter, which cover themes ranging from political history through material culture and religious exchange to military technology and institutional history. Following each lecture, the floor will be open for comments and suggestions from the other participants, both colleagues and students. The Mongols will be discussed in their own terms highlighting the transformations they brought upon the regions under their control and the cross-pollination that took place under their dominion.

The summer school is intended for advanced students and junior researchers of the Mongol Empire in its various aspects, or of pre-modern Eurasia in general, who wish to enrich their knowledge of the Mongols in world history and to contribute to a significant scholarly endeavor that will hopefully become the major reference work for the study of the empire.

The school will be conducted in English. Students coming from outside Israel will receive accommodation and half-board. Attendance throughout the days of the Summer School is mandatory. The school can be considered equivalent to two academic credits at the Hebrew University (approval pending).

The school will be held immediately after the international conference
Mobility and Transformation: Economic and Cultural Exchange in Mongol Eurasia (June 29- July 1). Applicants who are also submitting papers for the conference improve their chances of acceptance. Faculty includes: Reuven Amitai, Christopher Atwood, Michal Biran, Sheila Blair, Johan Elverskog, Kim Hodong, Peter Jackson, Liu Xiao, Timothy May, David Morgan, Roman. IU. Pochekaev, Morris Rossabi.


Applicants should provide:

  1. Cover letter explaining their interest in participating in the summer school (up to 500 words).
  2. Curriculum vitae (including languages proficiency).
  3. Report of grades–Graduate Transcript.
  4. Abstract of PhD dissertation.
  5. Two letters of recommendation, to be sent directly to the email addresses below.

Please send all materials electronically in one file to: and

For questions and further information please contact the School’s coordinator, Ms. Jenia Yudkevich at

Applications deadline: November 5th, 2013

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