Upcoming Conference: 11th Annual East Asia Security Symposium and Conference

easscBeijing, PR China
30th Jun – 5th Jul 2014

A Multinational 5-Day Symposium: 30 June – 4 July 2014 Followed by an Invitational Conference: 5 July 2014 At the China Foreign Affairs University in Beijing. Sponsored by the University of New Haven, Global Studies Program and Bond University, East Asia Security Centre, International Relations and Global Studies. Hosted by the China Foreign Affairs University, Department of Diplomacy. This symposium offers a unique opportunity for open discussion with an array of high-level Chinese experts from the military, foreign ministry, and academic communities. Each day will include approximately five hours of seminar-style symposium, conducted in English by senior Chinese officials and scholars. The following are some examples of the Chinese presenters who have addressed these sessions in previous years:

From the Chinese Military

Rear Admiral Yang Yi – China National Defense University
Major General Zhu Chenghu – China National Defense University
Major General Pan Zhenqiang – China National Defense University
Senior Colonel Xu Weidi – China National Defense University
Major General Yao Yunzhu – China Academy of Military Science
Major General Chen Zhou – China Academy of Military Science

From the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Hong Lei – Spokesman for the Press
Xu Bu – Deputy Representative to Korean Peninsula Affairs
Ambassador Yang Yanyi – Deputy Director-General, Department of Asia
Yang Jian – Director, Office of Korean Nuclear Issues
Li Yang – Director, Section of Asia-Pacific Security
Wang Jianqun – Director, Regional Multilateral Cooperation Division

From China’s Academic Community

Chu Shu-long, Director, Institute of Strategic Studies, Tsinghua University
Shi Yin-hong – Professor, International Relations, Renmin University
Zhang Xin-jun – Executive Director, Center for Maritime Security, Tsinghua University
Zhu Li-qun – Vice President, China Foreign Affairs University
Wang Jisi – Director, Institute of International Strategic Studies, Central Party School
Li Genxin – Secretary General, China Association of Arms Control and Disarmament
Zhang Haiwen – Deputy Director, Institute of Marine Strategic Studies of China
Wang Yizhou – Deputy Director, Institute of World Politics and Economics, CASS
Lin Guijun – Vice President, University of International Business and Economics
Qin Yaqing – Vice President, China Foreign Affairs University


Limit: 22 participants Program costs: US$500 Applications: Now OPEN for 2014


For questions or an application contact:

Dr. Brett McCormick – Director of Global Studies, University of New Haven (USA) 203-479-4988 bmccormick@newhaven.edu
Twitter @EASCentre

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