Offering of one- or two-year post-doctoral fellowships

Deadline: 15th Apr 2014


Oriental Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic is
offering one- or two-year post-doctoral fellowships to outstanding
scholars of history and cultures of the countries of Asia for the
2014-2015 (2014-2016) academic year.

The preference this year will be given to the following areas:
– modern Turkey/Ottoman Empire of 19th and early 20th century (history,
society, politics)
– modern societies of the Arab states of the Levant (history, politics,
– contemporary Israel (society, politics, cultural and linguistic identity)
– contemporary China (history, society, politics)
– contemporary India (history, society, politics)
– contemporary Indonesia (history, society, politics)

Possible topics might include: secularism, ideology, fundamentalism,
(re)interpretation of national history/memory; legitimation of power;
religious thought; or textual criticism

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