Call for Chapter Proposals

Deadline: 20th Dec 2015

Title (tentative): Educating Chinese-Heritage Students in the Global-Local Nexus: Achievement, Challenges, and Opportunities

This book aims to examine K-16 Chinese-heritage students’ conditions across the educational spectrum in various global educational contexts. Chinese heritage students are students of Chinese descent, including earlier migrant Chinese, diasporic Chinese, and current Chinese living outside China and moving across borders. Extending Ma and Li’s (Routledge, in press) book that investigates Chinese-heritage learners’ educational experiences in a North American context, the goal of this edited volume is to help the educational community better understand and teach K-16 Chinese-heritage students’ languages, cultures, identities, achievements, and challenges in international settings outside the North American context.

We welcome chapter proposals from scholars whose research addresses these topics. Chapters may look at K-16 Chinese-heritage students’ situations in schools, homes, and communities in any specific sociocultural context in a global context. For example, who are the Chinese-heritage students in Australia, Britain, France, Germany, Japan, or any other country where they are growing fast in number? What are the specific geographic context and school language policies in the host country/region? What are their psychological/emotional needs, linguistic and cultural challenges and sociocultural and personal identities involved? What unique educational experiences and perspectives do they have in learning language and literacy and across the content areas? What variables make these students range from academic role models to problematic students in need of help, and anything in between? What are their “localized” educational achievements, challenges and opportunities beyond test scores in relation to the host culture? How do they handle their educational concerns in the host country? What are the implications for teaching? Each chapter needs to be data-driven, connect with the research literature, relate to teaching and learning practices, and flesh out the larger sociocultural/theoretical/pedagogical/practical issues that are nested in their local contexts.  

The purpose of this book is to explore pertinent theories, complex (even inconvenient) realities, and learning practices in and out of schools, as experienced by Chinese-heritage students in a global-local nexus. It is hoped that the student voices, experiences and insights in each chapter may help all educators better understand and teach all Chinese-heritage students to maximize their learning and development in a 21st century context.

Each chapter proposal should include:
1) The title and a 100-word abstract of the proposed chapter;
2) Complete author contact information and professional affiliation.

Chapter proposals are due by December 20, 2015. All proposals will be peer reviewed, and all authors will be contacted about the results by January 20, 2016. Accepted proposals should result in a book chapter of approximately 20-25 pages (including references and appendixes), due by March 20, 2016. The writing should follow the latest APA style (6th ed.). At this time the publisher for the book has not been finalized, but all prospective authors will be informed of the publisher as soon as this information is available. The target publication date is Spring 2017.
Deadline for chapter proposal: December 20, 2015  

Send proposals as an email attachment to the Co-Editors:

Guofang Li, Ph.D.
Professor & Canada Research Chair
Faculty of Education
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC Canada V6T 1Z2

Wen Ma, Ph.D.
Co-Editor of Literacy, Learning and Language
Associate Professor of Education
Le Moyne College
Syracuse, NY 13214


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