Digital Text Analysis Workshop for Chinese and Manchu

DH Workshop PosterLeiden, Netherlands
30th Oct 2015

Do you want to learn how to mark up different kinds of information in Chinese texts? Do you want to know how to consult language and biographical dictionaries, maps, and other references sources all in one platform while reading Chinese texts on your computer? Do you want to learn how to create maps and other visualizations based on what you have found in your materials?

You can learn how to do this and how to start learning yet another language online in the workshop “Digital Text Analysis for Chinese and Manchu“.

There is a limited number of places for participants. If interested please RSVP to Brent HO ( by Friday, 16 October 2015 and briefly explain why you would like to attend. We will notify you by Friday, 23 October 2015.

Hilde De Weerdt
Brent Ho
Chu Ming-kin
Fresco Sam-Sin

PLACE: Room 126A, LIPSIUS Building
Chair: Hilde De Weerdt



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