International Summer School of Chinese Linguistics

Olomouc, Czech Republic
22 – 27th Jun 2015
Deadline: 1st Jun 2015

Palacký University in Olomouc welcomes all students of Chinese language to participate in a one week international summer school. The school offers 16 lectures of world famous speakers on selected topics of Chinese linguistics – see the list of topics below!

Venue: Křížkovského 14, Department of Asian Studies, Palacký University Olomouc, Czech Republic

Organizers: Project CHINET & Department of Asian Studies, Faculty of Arts, Palacký University Olomouc

Tuitionfee: free of charge

Registration: here

Registrationdeadline:  June 1, 2015

Language: English


    16 lectures on selected topics of Chinese linguistics by distinguished guest speakers
    Teng Shouhsin, Chunyuan Christian University, Taiwan
        10 myths about the Chinese language
        Syntactic categories (parts of speech) of modern Chinese
        Tense, aspect and verb classifications in Chinese
        Preliminaries to the information structures in Chinese
    Song Jiang, University of Hawaii at Manoa, U.S.A.
        Cognitive Linguistics and Chinese language analysis
        Conceptual metaphors in Chinese characters and words
        Issues in studies of linguistic relativity in Chinese
        Language embodiment and semantic structure of Chinese classifiers
    He Baozhang, College of the Holy Cross, U.S.A.
        The notion of “definiteness” in Chinese grammar
        Resultative Verb Compounds and their semantic orientations
        Chinese verbal complements revisted
        Completive and durative adverbials in Chinese
    Joanna Sio, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
        Nominal reference
        Verbal particles and Sentence-final-particles
        Dialect documentation: an isolated Min dialect in Guangdong (together with Frantisek Kratochvil)
    1 afternoon session of student presentations
    optional half-day trip and 1 whole-day trip

Aims and Objectives:

    courses are designed to build up and reinforce a systematic knowledge of Chinese grammar as well as to extend students’ horizons through lectures on various research topics
    a chance to exchange ideas and find inspiration for new research projects
    all courses are taught in English so that they are accessible for students with all levels of Chinese; students are expected to have a basic knowledge of Chinese language and linguistics and to speak English on a level sufficient to communicate

Registration guidelines:

Application deadline: June 1, 2015

Please fill out the online application before June 1, 2015. Acceptance of our application will be confirmed by email before June 8, 2015. Invitation letters will be provided on request.

Evaluation Methods:

Students can receive 5 credits for active participation in the summer school.

Apart from attendance, students will be asked to give a presentation (15 -­30 min) related to topics discussed during the course. Students may form groups of 3-­4 people for this purpose but should take care to make each participant’s responsibility for his or her part of the presentation transparent.  Successful participants will obtain a certificate of participation.

Travel expenses and accommodation:

We are not able to cover your accommodation and travel expenses. However, we can assist you by providing a list of recommended accommodation in various price categories.

Recommended budget accommodation in Olomouc:

    Ubytovna Marie (10 EUR)
    Poets’ Corner Hostel (24-27 Eur) –
    Palacký University Dormitory  (11 EUR)  – please contact for reservation

More information about accommodation and travelling to Olomouc can be found here.

About Palacký University and Olomouc

Palacký University Olomouc is the second oldest university in the Czech Republic and one of the oldest in Central Europe. Drawing on more than 400-year tradition of higher education it is nowadays a renowned centre for teaching and research. Olomouc is the capital of the region of Central Moravia and belongs to the oldest cities in the Czech Republic. The city dates back to the ninth century, when it was a power centre of the Great Moravian Kingdom, the oldest Slavonic state. The Holy Trinity Column on the town square is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Today Olomouc has above 100,000 inhabitants and the second largest urban historic preservation area after Prague. Its long history makes it one of the most beautiful cities in the Czech Republic.

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