International Conference of Academy for International Communication of Chinese Culture: “Diversity of Chinese Culture”

Beijing, China
25 – 26th Nov 2016
Deadline: 31st May 2016

The Chinese character, “文 (wen)”, when originally created, meant the patten that is made by various colors and yet appears to be harmonious. According to Zhouyi: the second part of Xici “That things fuse with each other is called ‘Wen’.” In the Book of Rites: Classic of Music, it is said that “multiple colors coexist to constitute the Wen, and this in an orderly fashion.” These ancient Chinese statements indicate that semantically speaking, “Wen” implies diversity per se. Throughout the history of the Chinese civilization, different ethnic groups have come to bear as various cultures as they had conflicts and confrontations as well as coexistence and unification with each other over and again. To some extent, diversity is the essence of the current Chinese cultural landscape, and is what pushes Chinese culture forward, and most of all, is the root of the prosperity of Chinese culture. Nowadays, in the context of globalization, it is crucial to analyze how to keep Chinese culture’s diversity, conforming to the global pluralistic trend, and furthering mutual understanding and dialogue between Chinese and other cultures in the world.
From a historical and global perspective, this seminar calls on experts in relevant academic fields to cast light on (but not just limited to) the origin, development, form and content of the diversity of Chinese culture; sort out the various culture types inside the realm of Chinese culture as well as their relations to one another; discuss the dialectical relations among cultural diversity, mass culture, mainstream culture, etc.; reflect on the assimilating and marginalizing effects of cultural globalization on ethnic cultures; and explore the future path of the diversity of Chinese culture. Moreover, this international seminar will also promote communication and cooperation of scholars all over the world in regards to cultural diversity, help build a communication bridge for the academic community and fulfill the founding ideal of Academy for International Communication of Chinese Culture of promoting and developing the “Third Pole Culture”.
In the spirit of promoting Chinese culture’s international communication, the Academy for International Communication of Chinese Culture has successfully held five international seminars on the communication of Chinese culture since 2011, which had shared the latest research achievements and practical experience in the field of Chinese culture’s international communication and has become a prominent platform for related studies.
The seminar will be held on November 25 and 26, 2016. We now would like to earnestly invite the experts, scholars, practitioners, PhD and post-graduate students in cultural studies from all over the world, discussing trending subjects on the diversity of Chinese culture, and in two sub-forums.

Language: Chinese, English
Venue: Jingshi Academy, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China
Sponsor: Academy for International Communication of Chinese Culture, Beijing Normal University
Keynote Speeches:
Huang Huilin, Professor Emeritus, Beijing Normal University, China
Roger Ames, Professor of Philosophy, University of Hawaii, USA
Torbjörn Loden, Professor of Sinology, University of Stockholm, Sweden
Subject: Diversity of Chinese Culture

The working languages for the seminar are Chinese and English, and we highly look forward to your paper contributions! It has two phases: Firstly submit the title, abstract, and author biography; and the full paper after then.
May 31, 2016: Deadline for the title, abstract, and author biography submission.
June 30, 2016: Announcement of selected papers, and start of seminar registration
August 31, 2016: Deadline for final draft submission, editing and printing

The accepted papers written in Chinese will be recommended by the Committee to be published in “The Third Pole Culture” Symposium, and those in English will be recommended for the journal, International Communication of Chinese Culture, and are likely to be published in one of the four issues of 2017 after being reviewed. ISSN: 2197-4233 (print version), ISSN: 2197-4241 (electronic version).
Registration Fees:
For this seminar, each registered participant is required to pay 1200RMB or 198USD registration fee. PhD candidates and master degree candidates will enjoy a discount or exemption. The registration fees of the authors whose papers are selected will be fully repaid by the Huilin Foundation for Chinese Culture afterwards, but they still need to register at first. Registration starts on June 30, 2016.
Appendix: Guide for Paper Contribution
I. Procedures
Electronic submission only. Please send your electronic copy to:
Deadline for submission of title, abstract, and author biography is May 31, 2016. To ensure that your paper be sent and reviewed successfully, please submit it as early as possible. We will email the author in 7 workdays to confirm that we have received the paper. If the author doesn’t hear back from us, please inquire by phone: 86-010-5880-5680. We will start sending the authors revision suggestions made by our anonymous reviewing system from June 30, 2016. Deadline for final draft is Aug 31, 2016 and then the symposium of the seminar will be edited and printed.

II. For Paper Contribution
(1) Please send in the .doc format (edited by Microsoft Word) only, the PDF format will not be accepted. And the submitted document must include:
cover page
abstract and key words
body of the paper
tables and charts (if any)
(2) The cover page must include: Title, author’s information (full name, gender, affiliation, post address, research area, professional title, phone and fax number, email).
(3) The abstract should consist of less than 300 words.
Contact: Academy for International Communication of Chinese Culture, Beijing Normal University
Tel: 86-010-5880-5680


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