Call for Papers: Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art (JCCA)

Deadline: 1st Jul 2016

(via Centre for Chinese Visual Arts (CCVA))

1. The World of Art Museums in China

This thematic Issue aims to explore how art museums in China have been transformed, established and developed in the context of the globalised art world: from the strategies that are being instituted to respond to this situation by established national and provincial museums, to the rise of new private museums and art spaces that are being founded and built, predominantly in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Contributions can range from critical and theoretical discussions to case studies on particular museum developments. A variety of perspectives are encouraged: curatorial, sociological or political, for example.

Potential topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  •     The role of art museums today and their strategies within the fast changing cultural and political environment in China
  •     When ‘old’ museums meet ‘new’ art: challenges and opportunities of state-owned art museums in China
  •     The rise of private art museums and non-profit art spaces: prosperity and sustainability
  •     ‘Imported’ art museums: assimilation and transformations
  •     The impact of art museum growth on curatorial and artistic practices
  •     Localisation and internationalisation: organisation, fundraising and management of art museums in China
  •     What is meant by contemporary art: educational services in Chinese art museums
  •     Art museum collections: the global art market and China’s economic boom

Abstracts (250 words) – due Wednesday 1 June 2016
Full manuscripts (6-7,000 words) – due 30 September 2016
Publication in Volume 4, Issue 1, Spring 2017

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2. Making the New World: The Arts of China’s Cultural Revolution

Download the CFP:Making the New World PDF

We encourage papers from a variety of subject areas and interdisciplinary perspectives to develop new understandings of the Cultural Revolution beyond conventional studies. The following set of ten ‘relationships’ is seen indicative, but not limited to the discussions around the arts of the Cultural Revolution:

  •     Art, culture and politics
  •     Art, mass art and non-art
  •     Amateur and professional: artists, participants and audiences
  •     Art production, dissemination and reception
  •     Collective and private spaces: squares, streets and buildings
  •     The conformity and the rebellions: uniforms and the body
  •     Mass assemblies and parades: performative and immersive experiences
  •     Model Operas, musicals and everyday life
  •     Songs, voices and the spirit
  •     Written words and images

Abstracts (250 words) – due Friday 1 July 2016
Full manuscripts (6-7,000 words) – due Monday 30 January 2017
Publication in Volume 4, Issues 2 & 3, Autumn 2017

PLEASE SEND SUBMISSIONS ENTITLED: ‘JCCA – Making the New World: The Arts of China’s Cultural Revolution’ to Jiang Jiehong:

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Download the CFP:The World of Art Museums in China PDF

Rachel Marsden

PhD Researcher (Final year)
‘The Transcultural Curator: Local to Global Translations of Contemporary Chinese Art’

Coordinator (Research Assistant)
Centre for Chinese Visual Arts (CCVA)
Faculty of Arts, Design and Media, Birmingham City University

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