Second Conference on Middle Period Chinese Humanities

14-17th Sep 2017
Leiden, the Netherlands

Following the success of The Middle Period Chinese Studies Conference held in 2014 at Harvard University, we welcome paper proposals for the second conference of this kind to be held at Leiden University, September 14-17, 2017.

Continuing the innovative format of the 2014 conference, we will organize sessions around various dimensions: time period, theme, and method. Every paper will be discussed in at least three of these sessions. Every participant will submit a full paper two months before the conference and will be asked to comment on at least two other papers. Papers should cover unpublished material. We hope this format will provide all presenters with a variety of opportunities to get feedback on their work from researchers working on different yet overlapping periods and areas of interest and lead to new publications.


The following list, based on the list of 2014 sessions, contains possible sessions in which individual papers will be grouped:


Sessions by Time period:

9th century;
10th century;
11th century;
12th century;
13th century;
14th century
Northern Song;
Xia; Liao; Jin;
Southern Song;
Early Ming


Sessions by Theme:

Interstate Contact;
Histories and Historians;
Buddhism, Daoism and Their Cultural Influence;
State-Society Relations;
Local Society;
Elites and Political and Economic Power;
History of Information;
Court and Central Government;
Ethnic Identities and Diversities;
The Military;
Art History;
Intellectual History;
Social and Cultural History;
Institutional History;


Panels by Method:

Textual Analysis;
Network Analysis;
Spatial Analysis;
Quantitative Analysis;
Visual Analysis

We also welcome proposals for workshops on projects, methods, or specific texts similar to those offered at the first conference. In 2014 the list included workshops on text analysis with MARKUS and The Sieve, social network analysis, China Biographical Database, and GIS.

During the conference selections from Leiden’s map collections and the Robert van Gulik 高羅佩 Collection will be on view at the new Asian Library. Participants are also invited to a reception at the Town Hall hosted by the City of Leiden. Furthermore, as the conference will be taking place during Leiden’s Asia Year, there will be a wide range of other activities of interest. All activities will be listed on the Asia Year site.


The Conference is open to scholars at all stages of their careers working on this period in all disciplines and from all countries.


Submission guidelines:

Please submit an abstract of 300 to 500 words (in English or Chinese) and a CV by October 1, 2016 to:



Deadline for submission of paper abstracts October 1, 2016.
Communication of acceptance: December 1, 2016
Deadline for submission of full papers: July 1, 2017
Communication about online comments: July 31, 2017
Deadline for online comments: September 1, 2017

Dedicated open conference site: