Upcoming Conference: “Golden weeks, golden spots – Domestic and international tourism in China and East Asian countries”

Kraków, Poland
10–11th Apr 2017
Deadline: 5th Mar 2017

The last few decades has brought an extensive development of tourism in the world; this phenomenon is also visible in case of East Asia, where the number of both domestic and international travels has increased.

In China the touristic boom has started to gain momentum thirty years ago, when for the first time tourism was placed in the official economic development plan; later on it was declared by the state authorities as a “basic and strategical pillar” of the Chinese economy. But the situation in other countries of East Asia is similar, if not that clearly defined by authorities of particular countries.

But what are the other reasons for this increased interest in traveling, both in own country and abroad? Assuming that Urry was right, stating that “acting as a tourist is one of the defining characteristics of being ‘modern’”, could be indicate tourism as an indicator of modernization of Asian societies? What makes Asia one of the most popular touristic destinations in the world and why particular sub-regions are so frequently visited by tourists from other parts of the world? In what ways and to what extent the constant development of tourism industry influence general societies and local communities in Asia? How are the relations between local communities and tourists shaped and to what extent they influence each other?

How is the ‘tourist gaze’ created in Asia and which type – classic? Romantic? Collective? Postmodern? – could be most frequently observed among Asian tourists?

The conference, organized by the Jagiellonian University Chinese Language and Culture Centre “Confucius Institute in Krakow” and the Institute of Middle and Far East is aimed to provide a platform of discussion on various aspects of inbound and outbound tourism in China and other East Asian countries.

The first day of the conference would be focused on problems related to tourism in China, while on the second one scholars investigating tourism in other countries of East Asia will have as opportunity to present their papers.


Venue: Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland
Language of the conference: English
Date: 10th to 11th April, 2017
Abstracts submission deadline: 5 th March, 2017
Announcement of accepted abstracts: 12th March, 2017
Conference fee: 200 PLN or 50 Euro

The conference fee includes: admittance to all the conference-related events, lunches and coffee breaks, conference materials and publication in the post-conference book (only for papers with positive results of the peer-review process).

Official conference e-mail: conference.cikrakow@gmail.com

We welcome paper proposals containing Author’s name and academic affiliation, paper’s title and abstract (of no more than 300 words). The registration is available at the conference website:

Papers dealing with the following topics will be primarily considered for the conference:

  • Social, cultural, historical and environmental conditions of development of tourism in Asia
  • Influence of tourism on Asian societies at the local and national level
  • Characteristics of tourism in East Asian countries of the highest level of touristic development
  • Types of tourists and forms of tourism in Asia in the context of inbound and outbound travels
  • Traditional ways of traveling in East Asia and new touristic trends emerging from globalization
  • Asian models of development of tourist potential
  • Promotion of local- and national-level tourism in the region
  • Tourism and sustainable development
  • Development of ethnotourism and cultural tourism
  • Gambling tourism
  • „Dark tourism” and its consequences
  • Problems related to sex tourism
  • Tourism industry in East Asian countries – operation modes and problems
  • Local communities and development of tourism in particular areas of the region
  • Medical tourism in Asia and prospects of its development
  • Adventure travel
  • Eco- and geoturism in Asia
  • Development of genealogical and sentimental tourism
  • Inbound and outbound culinary tourism

However, submissions are not limited to the above list of topics. The Organizing Committee welcomes all scholars, including PhD Students, to submit their papers concerning issues related to tourism in East Asia.