International Workshop: Challenges and Chances for Sustainable Water Management in China

Berlin, Germany
9th Jun 2017

Throughout Chinese history uneven and unreliable distribution of water has been a challenge. Providing access to sufficient water supply as well as flood control is regarded as essential for regional economic development and social stability. It is widely acknowledged that China’s technological achievements in water conservation and developing hydropower supported the tremendous improvement of agricultural productivity as well as the rapid industrial and urban development. It is however also obvious that water use is often far from sustainable. Whereas many regions in Chinas are confronted with serious water shortages and deteriorating water quality others have to deal with social and political conflicts related to the construction of large dams and management of interregional and transboundary rivers. In this workshop international experts assess China’s water risks and recent efforts in water governance.

Time & Venue
June 9,  2017, 9:00-17:30    
Freie Universität Berlin, Konfuzius-Institut, Goßler Str. 2-4, 14195 Berlin    

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