«Moscow International Poetry Biennale»

Moscow, Russia
28th Nov–2nd Dec 2017

«Moscow International Poetry Biennale» is a large-scale cultural and educational project that has started in 1999. It has become a significant part of Russian and international cultural space. Since 2001, «Moscow International Poetry Biennale» has been a member of the International Poetry Festival Association.
Poet Eugenie Bunimovich, laureate of Moscow Prize in Literature and Art, has created the festival and still acts as its permanent president.

In 2017, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation provide support of the Moscow Biennale.
Rosneft is the general sponsor of the festival.

The organizers of the festival are Vladimir Dahl Russian State Literary Museum, Institute of Linguistics of Russian Academy of Sciences, and “Cultural Initiative” Association.

The primary objectives of the Biennale include enhancing professional communication, organizing meetings of poets and readers from different countries, facilitating the mutual enrichment of distinct cultures, and introducing poets to wider audiences. The organizers aim to demonstrate that the energy of the living poetic word that overcomes cultural and language barriers can unite the people of today. Since its very beginning, the festival has become a considerable cultural phenomenon. In the days of the Biennale Moscow becomes the poetry capital of the world that receives authors from all over the globe.

In 2017, the festival is going to celebrate its anniversary by a remarkable encounter with the poetic culture of China. The unique role of China in the development of the world poetry and the interest of Russia and China towards each other have determined the decision to dedicate this year’s Biennale to Chinese poetry and the joint readings of Russian and Chinese poets.

Poetic contacts between the two countries are marked by an intensification of cultural exchange, a quest for the new principles of poetic translation and the emergence of innovative works in this field. «Moscow International Poetry Biennale» will introduce contemporary Chinese poets to the Russian audience. 13 famous authors are planning to visit Moscow: Chen Dongdong, Cong Rong, Han Bo, Han Dong, Li Han, Li Suo, Ouyang Jianghe, Shen Haobo, Xuanyuan Shike, Yang Lian, Yang Xiaobin, Yi Lei, and Yu Jian.

Russian poets have translated the works of their Chinese confreres for the upcoming festival. During Biennale, poetry translation workshops will become a space for mutual translation and a creative dialogue among poets. An anthology entitled «Chinese poetry today» will be presented during the festival.
A part of the events within Biennale aims to expand the understanding of Chinese culture. A series of public lectures will introduce the audience to the traditional and present-day art, cinema and architecture of China. Russian and Chinese poets, literary critics, and scholars will come together at roundtables to discuss the similarities and differences between the current situation in Russian/ Chinese literature and culture. The 10th «Moscow International Poetry Biennale» will hold more than 40 events: poetic readings of Russian and Chinese poets, the Voice Poetry Festival, announcements of poetry prize laureates, encounters within the traditional programme “Poets in school,” discussions on the role of poetry in contemporary society, etc. The events will take place in dozens of locations in Moscow, among them the Central House of Artists, the State Museum of A.S. Pushkin, Museum of Moscow, Stanislavsky Electrotheatre, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russian State University for Humanities, Russian State Library for Foreign Literature, etc.

The inauguration of the festival will take place at the State Museum of A.S. Pushkin on 28 November at 19:00. Invitations only.
Days of Biennale: 28 November – 2 December 2017
Extended programme of Biennale: 21 November — 5 December 2017
Accreditation of media representatives: pr@goslitmuz.ru.
Attendance to all other events is free.

Full programme: www.goslitmuz.ru, www.kultinfo.ru, www.poesia.ru, www.iling-ran.ru

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